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The Earth’s biodiversity is a key factor to the balance of nature. The whole concept of different species formation is best understood in island settings, and no place on Earth is as biodiversity rich as Madagascar. Madagascar is an island country located in the Indian Ocean, and is the home of over 10,000 species of plants of which 90% is ... Read More »


A huge landmass that projects in the far eastern part of Africa, Ethiopia is a country that is confined on land. However, this geographical confinement has only made this vast country into a place of many surprises and discoveries. No better coined than the “Cradle of Humankind,” Ethiopia holds the many secrets of the lineage of the human race. This ... Read More »


The Arab Republic of Egypt is a northern African country famous for its pyramids and ancient civilization. It is also a prime tourist spot when you want to deal with nature. Egypt though underwent political problems in the recent years, still manages to provide tourist an enjoyable stay by showcasing its wonders like rivers, valleys, and oases. Getting to Egypt ... Read More »


Amidst the economic difficulty and the recent civil unrest that Africa has been experiencing, one aspect of their land has not changed. The spectacular behavior of the animals is very much being expressed here such as the Serengeti Migration. Botswana is a country in Africa that is also affected by the negative economy but still is proud of the stunning ... Read More »


Zambia is home to many spectacular wonders of nature and treats visitors to Africa with one of the greatest opportunities to encounter wildlife and other features of nature. Zambia is also home to Victoria Falls which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Please visit 7 Wonders of Zambia to learn more about the official wonders of the ... Read More »

Banc d Arguin

The Banc d Arguin National Park which is a World Heritage Site, is a Natural Reserve too and was established in 1978. It is situated on the western coast of Mauritiana, between Nouadhibou and Nouakchott lying in Western Africa. The area covered by this Park is about 12,000 square kilometers. A noteworthy point is that this coastal area is one ... Read More »

Tassili n Ajjer

Tassili n Ajjer is a mountain range located at the Sahara Desert. It wide plateau in southeastern part of Algeria at the borders of Libya, Niger and Mali at an are of 72,000 square kilometers. The range is composed mainly of sedimentary rocks, mostly sandstones. Erosion overtime forms arches and overhanging cliffs, rock shelter and caves. About 300 of the ... Read More »

Table Mountain

Table Mountain is a flat topped mountain in southwestern of South Africa overlooking the city of Cape town and Table bay. It is a tabular shaped mountain resulting from horizontal layers of sandstone exposed to vigorous wind and water erosion. It rises 1,087 meters above sea level at its highest elevation, Maclears Beacon. The flat summit or plateau has an ... Read More »


Swartberg is mountain range located at Western Cape Province in South Africa. It extends east to west for 240 kilometers and separates the Little Karoo Valley from Great Karoo Semi-Desert. The highest elevations range from 1650 and 2300 meters. Swartberg Mountains is the tallest range of mountains in the Western Cape Province. It is also the longest range that stretches ... Read More »


Spitzkoppe is a group of granite peaks or bornhardts. It is also known as Spitzkop or Groot Spitzkop. It rises majestically about 25 kilometers on the B2 road to Swakopmund in the Namib Desert. It is an impressive 1728 m above the surrounding gravel plains that stood there for more than 700 million years. The highest point is at 700 ... Read More »