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Piton de la Fournaise, which is very popularly known as ‘Peak of the Furnace’, is at present, one among the most active volcanoes in the world. It is a shield volcano situated on the eastern part of the reunion island in the Indian Ocean. It erupted for the first time, some 50,000 years ago, but after the first eruption was ... Price of diflucan in canada

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Oribi Gorge, which is simply breath-taking, can be described as an African Grand Canyon, situated just 25 minutes drive from the Port Shepstone. It is situated along the spectacular ravine, which is forest cloaked and near to Mzimkulwana River, that flows about 120 km south of Durban. Of the two gorges that cut through the Oribi Flat sugarcane farmlands, the ... Best price for generic glucophage

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To the Masai people, the name Ol Doinyo Lengai means “The Mountain of God.” A part of the volcanic system of the Great Rift Valley, Ol Doinyo Lengai is an active volcano located in the Eastern Rift Valley, north part of Tanzania. It is interesting to note that in this part of the East African Rift Valley, this “Mountain of ... Purchase accutane cheap


The term Kluft means ‘narrow gorge’ in German or Dutch.  The Naukluft is comprised of a large number of narrow ravines in the mountain range in which, the most prominent and notable one is the Tsondab Gorge which extends to  a long distance of about 40 km. The Naukluft mountain range lies at the border of Namib Desert, which is ... Read More »

Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls, a waterfall in the river Nile, is popularly known by yet another name, the Kabarega Falls. In Uganda’s northwest region, the rapid flow of Nile River is forcefully interrupted by a narrow and fissure, forcing this mighty river through a mere 7 meter wide gap. In this point, where the power of the furious river is demonstrated, the ... Read More »

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Mount Elgon, a 4,320 metres high mountain is the second highest in Kenya and the fourth highest in the whole of Africa. It is a dormant volcano which is situated in the border of Uganda and Kenya. It stood taller than Kilimanjaro as of today. Elgon’s loftiest peaks, the Wagagai is situated within Uganda and can be best ascended from ... China paxil

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Mount Cameroon, which is the highest peak in the sub-Saharan central and western Africa, has a huge dome that extends to over 45 km and is elevated 4000 meters above sea-level. This mountain, also known as Mongo ma Ndemi or Fako, is situated in a volcanic chain known as Cameroon Volcanic Line including Lake Nyos, a site of a number ... Cipro buy

Matobo National Park

The Matobo National Park, as the name implies, is situated in the magnificent hills of Matobo, which is a range of spires, domes and rock formations, hewn out of the weathering and erosion of the rigid granite plateau through millions and millions of years. The park is roughly about 34 km south of Bulavayo in Namibia. The total area occupied ... Read More »

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Makgadikgadi Pan which is the most visible left-over of the super lake Makgadikgadi, formed over more than five million years ago, and has the credit of being the world’s largest salt pan. For more than 10,000 years, Lake Makgadikgadi which had a larger area than that of Switzerland had started drying up because of the climatic shifts. The lake was ... Cipro for uti