Siwa Oasis

The Siwa Oasis is situated in the western part of the desert in Egypt, near the Mersa Matrouh’s Governorate.  It is strategically placed in a depression in the core of the desert, about 18 meters below the sea level. The celebrated Oasis is 305 kilometers from Mersa Matrouh and 420 kilometers from the west of Baharia.  Siwa is being enclosed by diverse and picturesque landscapes. To the north, there is a vast array of hills and stone outcrops and high dunes and great sand seas to the south. The western portion of Siwa is already the Libyan border while in the east is a rocky, barren desert.

Within the Siwa Oasis, there are several other separate depressions. Siwa is acclaimed all over the world because of its characteristic geographical characteristics and the pools, lakes, and hills within them. A lot of people come to Siwa because of the fine weather. It is referred to as an area where the sun always shines.

Among all of Egypt’s oases, Siwa is probably the most enigmatic. The history of the region has been influenced by various major civilizations, and a lot of these have to do with the lush soil and surrounding desert in the setting of the oasis.

Siwa is well-known because it is set amidst walled gardens, olive orchards, and lush palm groves, I combination with an array of salt lakes and freshwater springs. Siwa is also located beneath the magnificent remains of the aged Shali, which is a fortress town.

Come to Siwa and experience everything it is willing to offer. One can climb along the ruins of the ancient city and get a glimpse of the whole splendid oasis. There are also bicycle and donkey cart (caretta) rentals that are available for tourists to witness bathing places and other outlying sights.