AEA R88 MkII Stereo Ribbon Microphone . AEA R88A Active Ribbon Microphone Sells separately for $2,349.00. SKU: R88A Categories: Microphones, Ribbon Microphones Tags: Active RIbbon microphone, Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone, Phantom Powered Ribbon, Stereo Ribbon Microphone Brand: AEA. AEA R88A quantity. The mic nicely rounds the attack consistently up the neck, providing great definition. Watch San Geronimo perform “Pay Day” around a single R88. sound as your ears hear it with … One has FET Heads on it and the other has SE Dynamites on it. If you are saying the UFX+ is holding it’s own against the TRP and Millennia Pres noise wise that sounds more like props for RME than anything. The stereo ribbon mic that took the recording world by storm now has an active sibling. 2,112 313. 00. Did you ever get this worked out? The R88 and R88A are almost identical in sound.The R88A is an R88, but equipped with custom-made Lehle transformer and active electronics. First one is LRM2 on the wave file. I had SO many issues with my setup when I moved out to my current studio location a few years ago. Product Details Description. $56 per month for 36 months Or $56 $ 56 /month § for 36 months . The R88 Series Microphones (the R88mk2 and the R88A) are blumlein ribbon microphones consisting of two matched bidirectional (or figure-of-8) ribbon transducers. AEA R88 MKII £1,918.00 (inc VAT) £1,598.33 (ex VAT) AEA TRP2 The Ribbon Preamp £958.00 (inc VAT) £798.33 (ex VAT) AEA KU5A £1,099.00 (inc VAT) £915.83 (ex VAT) The AEA R88A Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone with custom toroid transformers captures sound as your ears hear it with an honest, open tonality. Yes! Amazing mono sounds with just one of the ribbons, Blumlein, and MS, is all possible with the R88. Most of it was really weird power issue, as I'm in the country and the last house on the grid. Packaged in a sleek, five-pound black shell designed for quick setup, it’s an excellent choice for remote recording. Visit the AEA site for more details! Enjoy ! The premium R88A is visually distinguished by a red cable at its base. Maybe one of these days we can get together and do a comparison if … The R88 Series can handle 165+ dB SPL at 1 kHz allowing you to position it up-close to avoid room tone if needed. The AEA R88A active ribbon microphone captures the stereo soundfield as your ears perceive it with open, honest tonality. I sent both the mic and preamp to be checked - the preamp was found to have a faulty component (diode bridge I think) and it was fixed under warranty. Posts: 1,641: Platinum Blonde. It will not be hurt by loud sources and can be positioned against a stereo guitar amp and other loud instruments. Hey there! Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio, Forssell SMP-2 and AEA TRP preamp comparison. Thanks for your tests and observations! Sound sources should be measured in feet rather than inches away from the mic. $2,349.00 $ 2, 349. The R88A is an R88, but equipped with custom-made Lehle transformer and active electronics. Noise spectrum is bonkers - really high subsonic stuff going on, mostly on one channel of TRP. Well, I've owned and used AEA microphones extensively. Though the two versions of the microphone sound very similar and both deliver the classic ribbon sound, they have different requirements. The choice between the R88 and R88A is contingent on the specific needs of an engineer and their environment. This is great for on-the-road musicians who might have to use a different preamp each night. The AEA R88 is, in rather simplistic terms, two R84 figure-of-eight mics mounted one above the other in a common housing. There is a reason that legendary Blackbird Studios in Nashville owns five R88s. Just wish it was better than the RME though. The new stereo R88A active ribbon microphone with custom toroid transformers captures sound as your ears hear it with an honest, open tonality. hank alrich. This gives a consistent frequency response and greater flexibility with different preamps, including those found in audio interfaces for personal computers. The active R88A mic retains the same sonic character of the R88, but with an additional 12dB of output and a stable. More info, demo & purchase. “The R88 is the most realistic mic I’ve ever used. There is no noise or hiss from our mic. The R88 and R88A are almost identical in sound. With or without the inline preamps, neither R88 hisses. It’s about the same as my Millennia too. There is a substantial difference in price. Ribbons are a bit noisy and sometime you’re just going to have to live with that on really quiet sources if the arrangement is minimalistic. I hope that gets it sorted out! As an alternative to Blumlein’s technique, the microphone can also be used for mid-side (MS) stereo, providing excellent mono compatibility and full control over the width of the stereo image. The Phantom powered AEA R88A delivers the same award-winning stereo sound as its passive stablemate, but with 12dB more gain, courtesy of custom toroid transformers. Share with: Link: Copy link. Well I got both mic and TRP preamp checked under warranty and the TRP has been subsequently transferred to AEA for further inspection/repair. When positioned closer than 16 inches, the mic adds proximity effect. Post Jan 04, 2018 #11 2018-01-04T16:21. soapfoot.prorecordingworkshop wrote: seth.lucasmicrophone wrote: Hey Brad, you have an R88 at the studio? Either way, the R88 Series is so easy to use that any recording novice can do it. The preamp now has almost identical noise level as my RME UFX+, rather than worse. The active circuitry also prevents noise interference on long cable runs or when operating near large lighting rigs. As a result, this is a seriously large (and heavy) microphone. The R88A effortlessly records the sonic intricacies of drums, strings, piano, and Introducing…The new active AEA R88A!!! The R88, there is something about the ribbons being so close in the same enclosure, and so perfectly in place, that to do that with two R84 is not possible. Since the R88mk2 is a dual passive ribbon microphone, the preamp is critical for optimum performance. You wouldn't believe how much quieter my R88/TRP combo was when I got my EquTech power supply. So could possibly be a preamp issue for me. Add to cart. The R88 Series microphones use the same Big Ribbon technology and tuning (16.5 Hz) as used in the classic R44. The R88 creates the element of space in these recordings and makes the listener feel as if … The R88A’s active circuitry requires standard 48-volt phantom power to operate. The pair of elements are angled in perfect phase at 90 degrees and mounted in close proximity to each other along the vertical axis of the microphone. R88 Series ribbon mics capture sound as your ears hear it, with an honest and open tonality. $66 per … Tried pair of AEA RPQ500, Neve 1073, API 512c, Audient, all had a bit more hiss than I would like. Though the two versions of the microphone sound very similar and both deliver the classic ribbon sound, they have different requirements. Major hiss issues. Engineer John Cuniberti aims to capture a band in one take, without edits or overdubs, but sound as balanced as a conventional multi-track recording. Are these significant enough to you to sell your rpq pre's and use the ufx+ pre's going forward? Hiya. - all amazing.”. Skip to content. STUDIOCARE REMAIN OPEN & SHIPPING WORLDWIDE, HOWEVER OUR SHOWROOM IS CLOSED - CALL US ON 0151 236 … Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. The iconic sound of the R88 remains intact in the R88A and the addition of active electronics provides additional 12dB of gain with stable impedance and low noise floor. We use the regular R88 mkII here.

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