Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of the Treasury, aimed to establish the nation's financial stability, bring to the government's support the country's most powerful financial interests, and encourage economic development, which in the long run, he hoped, would transform the nation into a major commercial and military power.   APUSH PERIOD 3: 1754-1800 EXPLAINED  Click the button below for the full Period 3 playlist. Violent protest by western Pennsylvania farmers against the federal excise tax on whiskey, 1794. An ideology that defines the U.S. nation as a community based on a shared ethnic heritage, language, and culture. mjoarnold. Written by Thomas Jefferson, the Virginian's bill was adopted by the House of Burgesses in 1786. By the 1780s, a large majority of adult white males could meet voting requirements. Groups of colonists that exchanged ideas and information about resistance against British rule, communicating with other colonies to encourage opposition to the Sugar and Currency Acts. Weiser APUSH Chapter 4. Signed on September 3, 1783, the treaty ending the Revolutionary War and recognizing American independence from Britain also established the border between Canada and the United States, fixed the western border at the Mississippi River, and ceded Florida to Spain. PLAY. The Constitution didn't mention the word "slave" or "slavery," but along with the 3/5ths Clause, and the protection of the Atlantic slave trade until 1808, this clause was one of the protections of slavery in the Constitution. While it reinforced traditional gender roles, it also opened up educational opportunities for women and increased their value in society. A principle in English and American law that a married woman lost her legal identity, which became "covered" by that of her husband, who therefore controlled her person and the family's economic resources. PERIOD 3: 1754–1800 Key Concept 3.1: British attempts to assert tighter control over its North American colonies and the colonial resolve to pursue self-government led to a colonial independence movement and the Revolutionary War. A widely accepted theory which held that each member of Parliament represented the entire empire, not just his own district. 9th - 12th grade. Line drawn by British Parliament, colonists not allowed to settle past Appalachian mountains. Period 3 also covers American Independence, the Constitutional Convention, and the presidencies of George Washington and John Adams. French foreign minister Tallyrand's three anonymous agents demanded payments to stop French plundering of American ships in 1797; refusal to pay the bribe was followed by two years of undeclared sea war with France (1798-1800). Test. Flashcards. On December 16, 1773, the Sons of Liberty, dressed as Indians, dumped hundreds of chests of tea into Boston Harbor to protest the Tea Act of 1773, under which the British exported to the colonies millions of pounds of cheap tea (still taxed) thereby undercutting the price of tea for smugglers and merchants. Created by. 100 Knights Lane Anna_Wolt. Washington's response demonstrated the power of the new national government and was a stark contrast to the impotent response of the national government to Shay's Rebellion in 1787 under the Articles of Confederation. Creekside High School Proposed by the first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, this opened in 1791 and operated until 1811 to issue a uniform currency, make business loans, and collect tax monies. The first act that Parliament passed that raised taxes on the colonies. The first were supporters of the Washington administration, favored Hamilton's economic program and close ties with Britain. Colonists became so angry that Parliament lowered the duties. Four measures passed during the undeclared war with France that limited the freedoms of speech and press and restricted the liberty of non-citizens. The slave uprising led to the establishment an independent nation in 1804. The second one was chartered in 1816 but President Andrew Jackson vetoed the recharter bill in 1832. STUDY. Alexander Hamilton's Five-Point Financial Plan (1790-1791): 1) Pay off the old debt, 2) Create new national debt, 3) Create a B.U.S., 4) Whiskey Tax, 5) Protective Tariff. Non-enslaved black people formed free communities with their own schools, churches, and leaders, and who, in some states, could even vote. Created by. answer choices . Four parliamentary measures in reaction to the Boston Tea Party closed the port of Boston to all trade until all tea was paid for, radically altered the Massachusetts Charter of 1691 by curtailed town meetings and authorizing the governor to appoint members to the council (positions previously elected), and empowered military commander to lodge soldiers in private homes. ", A prominent Virginian and well-known military commander who was appointed as the Commander of the Second Continental Congress's army. Federalists supported the plan; it promoted a stronger national government, economic industrialization, an active role for the government in the economy, and it mainly served the interests of upper class northerners. The first extended the time it took to become a citizen (directed at immigrants from France who were becoming Republicans). In the popular understanding of the era, "freedom" and an individual's right to vote had become increasingly synonymous. It established conditions for self-government and statehood there, including a Bill of Rights. This is a feature of the U.S. Constitution in which power is divided between executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the national government so that no one can dominate the other two and endanger citizens' liberties. The war was settled by the Treaty of Ghent in 1814, removed the British and Indians as a threat to American western expansion, increased American nationalism, brought an end to the Federalist Party (because of the Hartford Convention) and made Andrew Jackson a famous war hero.

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