Even with a juice groove, you may flip over the board and use the other side to slice again. This Boos cutting board is the right size for most kitchen work, but its relative thinness (1.5 inches) means that it is light and easy to maneuver around your workspaces. All rights reserved. … If you want an elevated version of the usual chopping board, then this product is for you. Therefore, investing in the right items is a good choice, especially for those who enjoy cooking all the time and playing chef in the kitchen. Use warm water mixed with a little soap. Almost every celebrity chef liked the same one. Kershaw Skyline Review: Does It Make the Cut? 2020 © housemachinery.com. The product may be too big for some kitchen counters if customers don’t measure what size they need. There are wood strips of varying colors, from faint yellow hues to medium and dark brown shades. The product has a double purpose: use it as a chopping board or use it as a plate for different finger foods. However, with proper preparation, a wooden cutting board is easier to care for and sanitize than a plastic one. Customers noted that the cherry wood's natural oils seemed to increase its protection. Hardwoods do a superior job. This product is 100% durable and lasts long. (1) 1 product ratings - John Boos Gravy Au Jus Maple Cutting Board. Measuring only 10 inches long, 5 inches tall, and 1 inch high, this is perfect for slicing citrus fruits or chopping small amounts of herbs. Others note that the wood warped easily. Also, the product prevents the dulling of your gourmet knives. Mineral oils, … Top 3 John Boos Cutting Boards 1. Shop for boos cutting boards at Bed Bath & Beyond. All models have a thickness of 1.25 inches. Wipe clean and enjoy an odor-free, naturally clean cutting surface. A classic, all-around useful cutting board is the maple wood edge-grain model. Ensure that the brand offers a variety of sizes because you never know when and where you’ll use the board: either for cutting and slicing or food presentations. Remember, never soak the cutting boards in water. ☞ Check Price on Amazon Shop now! Think of all the applications of a kitchen cutting board. Note that wooden items are prone to the development of molds and the accumulation of bacteria or microbes. The company sells two innovative items that protect and improve the cutting board quality. This best … The price range for the Carving Collection Boos cutting board is from $$ to $$$. However, others tend to forget that there are tools that contribute to the overall joy and experience of cooking: cutting boards. You can choose from two colors: Maple Wood and Walnut Wood. This beautiful, eco-conscious teak board requires more careful cleaning than a plastic board, but it feels better under a knife and is easier to maintain than the other wood boards we … The price range for the Newton Prep Master is from $$ to $$. It acts as a physical barrier while also lessening the chances of bacterial fluids staying onto the product. The manufacturers ensure to always provide their clients with products that are from 100% hardwood carefully and thoroughly selected from the most excellent sources in America. One size fits all: it’s not too big nor too small for any kitchen. The hardness of cherrywood makes this less likely to warp and split, increasing the product's longevity. Its first innovation in the cutting board industry occurred during this first year of operations when founder Conrad Boos built one of the first butcher blocks. On the side of the board, there are integrated hand grips that help carry the item more comfortably and conveniently. This method applies to all Boos cutting board models, including those listed below. We won't send you spam. While some may think that having a juice groove hinders owners from getting the ever-popular reversible feature of John Boos, that’s not true! John Boos Round Walnut Butcher Block 18 x 3. There are also three sizes available for you to choose from 18 by 12 inches, 20 by 15 inches, 24 by 18 inches. Buying guide for the best cutting boards. The distinguishing feature, however, is its pyramid design. It is of sturdy and durable wood materials. There are four available colors to choose from Walnut, Cherry, and Maple. It also has integrated hand grips so that users have an easier time picking up and carrying the board. The wood might absorb the liquid and become a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, or other germs. There is a hole that can help owners hang the product for drying or storage purposes. With its sleek and simple design, john boos walnut cutting boards are easy to maintain and use. Because of the flat surfaces, you can use both sides of the board, which is a staple feature for john boos butcher block. Boos Blocks: The source for wood cutting boards in maple, walnut, or cherry. The excellent quality of the board comes from Northern Hard Rock Maple. Hard rock maple is very popular for a few reasons. This Boos cutting board model is one of the best reviewed on Amazon. You can choose from two excellent colors: Natural Oil and Varnique Semi-Gloss. Sizes vary with this type, from 12 inches to 30 inches (for the length) and 12 inches to 24 inches (for the height). Buy top selling products like John Boos Block Board Cream and John Boos 18-Inch x 12-Inch Chop-N-Slice Cutting Board. The item may be too heavy or big for some customers. There are more than a few commenters who noted that they took many precautions, including buying Boos-branded cutting board oil, but still saw the board crack and come apart. Although not impervious to knife damage, maple is not a softwood, such as pine, that would turn to a pile of woodchips and sawdust after a short amount of usage. Our Rating: (4.3 / 5) The Best Fillet Knife: 7 Precision Blades You Need to Know in 2019. Aspiring and skilled home cooks know of the benefits of a quality wood board. Some customers buy chopping boards aesthetically pleasing because they sometimes use it as a plate for cheese, fruit, or finger foods. This board is another product that’s sturdy, thick, and durable. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Since cherry is a more scarce wood product, the cost of a cherry Boos cutting board is almost double that of a maple model. This design makes sense, as meat juices that dribble out of a roast during carving make an excellent component in sauces and gravy. As an owner, it’s essential to look into the properties and features of the product. Customers love rounded edge designs because they see it as a safety measure, especially when there are kids around, as sharp edges may hurt them and cause pain when they get hit. It has a sturdy construction, which gives this cutting board toughness to withstand years of use. Also, if you have low humidity in your home, your cutting boards may become excessively dry. Customers posted mixed reviews about this small cutting board. Another benefit is maple's self-healing qualities. Owners can use it as a chopping board and a plate for food presentation. Leave the oil on the board for 24 hours. 2 new & refurbished from US $89.99. Also, John Boos Co. makes sure to recycle 95% of all raw lumber scraps and sawdust to use it for generating electricity and steam for their machines. The John Boos company has made cutting boards since 1887. On the corner, you can use a hole to store or dry the item by hanging. Unlike the standard maple cutting boards, this hefty board is thick and features end-grain wood construction. You can buy a thin plastic surface that is dishwasher-safe or invest in a board constructed of fine wood that requires gentle hand washing. But, a larger solid wood surface is ideal for kneading dough, breaking down a roast chicken, or slicing a loaf of bread. Boos cutting boards were built to last, and when properly cared for, will be one of the most useful items in your kitchen. The design looks fresh and sleek and is also pleasant to the eye overall. This model has the same general specs as the maple board but is harder and more durable. The board itself is 1.5 inches thick, which is just right for most clients. There are only two sizes that you can choose from 9 inches and 12 inches. Store one of these in a drawer for those little tasks that don't require a full surface. On the side, you’ll also be able to feel two integrated hand grips for better lifting and transport. This entry-level Boos cutting board is thin, lightweight, and affordable. Although this cutting board is stunning and made from highest-quality wood, customer reviews are mixed. Every brand has features that are different from most companies in the industry. The perfect cutting board is appropriate for a variety of applications. The board may “dry up” and needs a reapplication of John Boos oil or cream. This round reversible cutting board has a concave center for using a mezzaluna knife, which is a round-edged mincer that rocks in a bowl while cutting. John boos cutting boards are one of the best brands in the market thanks to their innovative and unique designs and the excellent quality of each piece they produce. On a positive note, many people saw this as a perfect cutting board since its sturdiness keeps it from moving around during chopping.

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