Annual pruning is essential. Blooms of this clematis developed during last year’s growing season. Plants in this clematis pruning group should be pruned before the end of July to allow blooms for next year. If you see buds developing when pruning clematis vines, you may be pruning at the wrong time. Flowers that bloom in spring grow on old wood. Another approach is to cut the whole plant back drastically every few years just before growth begins, with little or no pruning in the intervening time; in this case, you give up only the earliest blossoms in the season you prune. Clematis fit into three pruning categories: early flowering, late flowering and large flowering. Without it the plants will get top-heavy and have fewer flowers. Clematis Pruning Groups. Clematis in this group produce early season blooms on the previous season’s growth, and late season flowers on new growth. This group (also Group/Type 2 or B, but sometimes classified as Group B2) includes ‘The President’, ‘Henryi’ and newer doubles such as ‘Josephine.’ Again, you would prune as for Group B1, above: an optional light pruning in February/March to shape or cut out … If you’re not sure which group your clematis belongs to, let it flower, take note of when it blooms and what kind of flower it produces, and prune … Group 1, spring bloomers: Clematis that bloom in early to mid-spring (April-May) flower on last year's wood. Clematis in Group 2 should be pruned lightly in late winter or early spring. All the Clematis varieties below fall into Prune Group 2. Some bloom on new growth and others on growth from the previous year. A simpler option when pruning Group 2 clematis vines is to severely prune the plant back by half in alternate years. Generally, these cultivars are only pruned to shape. Pruning consists of removing weak and crossing shoots then thinning down the plant to … Prune Spring- and Summer-Blooming Clematis (Group 2) Clematis varieties in this group generally produce a heavy flush of flowers in the spring and then bloom again in smaller quantities later in the season.

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