As you can imagine, the cruise line has its list of rules about their drink packages. What Do Drinks Packages With Costa Cruises Cost? And refuel for evening adventure with non-alcoholic cocktails. Purchased packages may be modified up to four days prior to sailing by canceling and reordering the package. Share your cruise experiences with friends, family and your social network. 2019/2020 MSC Cruises Drinks Package Prices Turn your full-board cruise with MSC Cruises into an all-inclusive cruise by bolting on a drinks package. Once aboard, sign up and enjoy the ease of one flat price for drinks throughout your cruise — now that’s something to raise a … But if you don’t have Free at Sea (or you chose another perk), you can pre-purchase a drink package, starting 90 days before sailing, on your MyNCL account . Norwegian Cruise Line Drink Packages Details Premium Beverage Package . There are two additional alcohol drink packages offered by MSC – Premium and Premium Plus. If you are not interested in alcoholic beverages, try our Bottomless Bubbles package for unlimited soda. Princess. Start the day off with a premium cup of joe, sip on a poolside piña colada, rehydrate with a fresh juice and wind down with the perfect wine pairing or classic cocktail. Search Cunard Cruises . Join millions of travelers who already use Travelzoo! Thursday, October 15, 2020. Learn More About MSC Cruises . The drink packages can make sense for some people and others no sense at all. In addition, non-alcoholic drinks such as virgin cocktails, fountain soda, fresh juice, bottled water, milkshakes and frappes, energy drinks, and … CHEERS! Aboard Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam, this package includes the Coca-Cola Freestyle program which offers more than 100 unique flavors to choose from.. $8.00 per person, per day (a 15% service charge will be applied to purchase) Certain cruise lines, like Carnival and Norwegian, require that when one guest in a stateroom purchases a drink package, every adult staying in that stateroom must also buy a drink package. Before you decide to purchase one of these, read over the rules so there are no surprises once you’re onboard. Many Norwegian cruises offer their Free at Sea promotion, and the most popular perk for cruisers is the drink package. Cancellations or refunds will not be issued onboard the vessel after embarkation day. Onboard price: AU$7.50 per person per day Easy Package. Our beverage packages enhance your onboard experience and also offer great value and added convenience. Availability of beverage packages varies by ship. With soft drinks and water already included among your perks, select beverage packages can be added on, allowing you to unwind with a variety of alcoholic beverages. The Premier Beverage Package includes alcoholic drinks up to $12 such as beer, wine by the glass, cocktails, and liqueurs and spirits. Is the NCL Drink Package worth it? Kick back and enjoy ice-cold refreshments with CHEERS! Learn more! Request a Call . Home; On Board; Dining & Drinks; Drink Packages; Drink Packages We’ve created an array of great-value drink packages and cabin treatments to offer you the choice of refreshment that most appeals to you, from soft drinks to fine wines, premium beers and much more! Drinks packages on ships often are quite pricey, and they only make sense if you’re a big spender on drinks — a really big spender. A few times a year, they may offer 10% off of your choice of a beverage package. Call 1-800-377-9383 to learn more about MSC Cruises' beverage packages! Turn your full-board cruise with MSC Cruises into an all-inclusive cruise by bolting on a drinks package. News Flash: The “Free” NCL Drink Package Really Isn’t Free. If you want the package, buy it. The Premium Drink Package includes drinks up to $12 and is available at an average price of $47-$63 per person, per day. accessibility guidelines, Four Honey Oatmeal Raisin - Freshly Baked Cookies, Four Chocolate Chip - Freshly Baked Cookies, Four Macadamia Nut - Freshly Baked Cookies, Four Chocolate Chunk - Freshly Baked Cookies, 25% discount on spirit or wine, by the glass, over $50. Our all-inclusive cruise options and numerous drink packages give you carte blanche to quench your thirst whenever you like. For example, a single Xcelerate Surf Internet package previously cost $129 for a seven-day cruise. The packages are only available for cruises with a duration of three (3) nights or more (except for South American cruises—no minimum nights are required). The following items are not included in the packages: tobacco, souvenir glasses, ice cream menu, retail items, minibar and room service (minibar and room service are included in Premium Plus package). Need a good excuse to book another cruise? I’d like to purchase an Adult Drink Package but my room mate doesn’t. Drinks packages must be bought within the first two days of a cruise and they must apply to the rest of the cruise. *Please see all applicable Terms & conditions. Beverage packages must be purchased for all guests staying within the same stateroom, additional stateroom, adjoining stateroom or travel with. Bartenders bring you your drinks… but never the bill. Guests must be 21 or older to purchase CHEERS! Request a Call . Travel agents can package up cruises with flights, a pre-cruise hotel and all-inclusive drinks to create a great value all-inclusive package cruise holiday. There are three Oceania beverage … Start the day off with a premium cup of joe, sip on a poolside piña colada, rehydrate with a fresh juice and wind down with the perfect wine pairing or classic cocktail. You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase any alcoholic package and to consume alcohol. The program allows guests to purchase drinks on an individual basis at a convenient flat rate and not purchase multiple drinks at one time or bottles of wine and champagne. Carnival’s drink package — which allows each guest up to 15 alcoholic beverages a day plus a slew of other options — is incredibly popular. Celebrity Cruises offers 2 drink packages including the Premium Package starting at $69 per day. Sample of beverage prices - prices and product availability are subject to change without notice. Packages may not be shared, and do not include beverages sold in gift shops, mini-bar, or room service. Only available on cruises of five nights or more and must be purchased for every day of the cruise Strictly non-refundable or transferable once purchased on board Alcoholic drinks are limited to 15 beverages per 24-hour period (6am to 6am) Carnival, for instance, charges as much as $59.95 per person, per day for its Cheers! Plan ahead and add some packages to make your vacation the best one yet. This unlimited soda program le...Read More, Enjoy the ease of paying one flat price for your spirited beverages over the entire length of your cruise. What happens if you want a drink that is above the price of your drink package plan? This package includes all the drinks in the standard and classic packages plus Coca Cola products, frozen drinks, cocktails, craft, and artisan beers, specialty coffees and teas, premium bottled water and wines (by the glass) up to $15 per serving. This acts like the typical drink package on other cruise lines, covering drinks up to $12 per glass. Travel deals on hotels, flights, vacation packages, cruises and local & entertainment deals too. Carnival has a number of procedures in place to monitor guests’ alcohol consumption and bartenders are trained to look for signs of intoxication and will discontinue serving guests who appear to be intoxicated. drink package to qualified guests?. The Premier Beverage Package includes beer, spirits, wine by the glass and cocktails $12.00 USD and under, all non-alcoholic beverages including bottled water (500ml only) fountain sodas, fresh juices (if available), specialty coffees and teas, Gong Cha items, Frappes at Coffee & Cones, milk shakes (if available) and Red Bull energy drinks. • Guests must be 21 years or older to purchase and agree not to give to minors, • Beverages promoted and sold in souvenir glasses, • All spirits, including cocktails, cognacs, whiskies and other spirits, as well as beer (including self-serve beer stations - PYOB) and wine and champagne by the glass, with a $20.00 USD or lower menu price, per serving, • Non-alcoholic beverages other than soda and juices listed above. Keep in mind that you can always purchase a drink package even after your cruise begins, if you find yourself drinking more than you thought. Here you’ll find a much wider selection with cocktails, wines, beers, as well as sodas, juices, energy drinks, and more. however you toast, we make sure you get to do more of it with Cheers!, our prepaid bar package. Princess Cruises offers countless cruise drink packages including beverages from fine wines to craft beers to sweet smoothies. Pair your meals with a beverage package and save on your favorite drinks. The first thing you need to know about an NCL drink package is that you won’t actually be getting anything for free. Home; Cruise Industry. View Premier Coffee & Soda Package terms & conditions. Could I purchase a Single Drink package once I board the Ship and if not can the drinks be purchased individually.

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