The bike was built old school style, with a 40-degree stretched rigid frame, 115 Ultra engine, 6 speed Ultima transmission, billet wide glide front end, 16" ape hanger handle bars, custom seat system by Chopper shocks, 21" front wheel, 18" rear wheel with 200 tire, custom burgundy metal flake, graphic paint job with pinstripe and gold leaf and many one of a kind signature logos. Selling my S&S true billet V124" (not cast and polished) chopper/bobber. FOR SALE   CHRISMAS IS COMMING   new replica die cast model of the OCC fire bike   never played with    ASking $100 cash for this collectable   lights and siren work, I have had it for awhile and ... Saxon motorcycle. MarketI've been collecting classic cars and trucks for over 15 years now and have seen a lot happen. You get what you pay for these days, so be careful how you spend your hard earned money. I do the best of my ability to represent quality classic cars and advertise them honestly. We use a made for (b.t.c.s.) REAR BRAKE LIGHT: JAYBRAKE COMBO CURVED. As an added bonus to our customers you can now purchase our bikes factory direct rite here in sunny Florida. * Every vehicle gets a complete MS CLASSIC CARS Classic car automotive detail which includes the exterior, interior, engine compartment, trunk compartment and undercarriage. THERE WILL BE NO PRESSURE. Custom choppers emerged and became popular in the ‘50s, starting in California. VERY STABLE AND EASY TO RIDE. With a hardtail 80 cubic inch EVO V-twin motor, this bike is lean and Munster mean! reserved. I’ve learned a lot and I’m educated with many different makes and models ranging from the early 1900’s to current. I look forward to working with you. Thank you. POWERED BY A 420 CC ELCTRIC START ENGINE DRIVEN THROUGH A 'VARI-DRIVE' CONVERTER. I have a clear title in hand waiting for the next happy owner. Not a Harley Davidson. ACTUALLY HER FRIEND WENT TO A LOCAL MOTORCYCLE SHOW WITH HER BOYFRIEND AND IT WAS ON DISPLAY THERE WITH A “FOR SALE” SIGN ON IT. Everyone’s level of restoration experience is different and it shows in the restoration. Runs Great! Will also take trades. Horsepower - 95 BHP Torque - 112 lb/ft ... 1,300 Of course, if the car is a rare model and spectacular it will command a higher price as I mentioned. One of a kind! And cellphone charger mount. * Assistance with financing if necessary. A great deal for this awesome, One of a Kind, Custom Bike...Don't miss out if ur looking for a quality built Custom as this won't be around for long...Cost to build now is over ... 19,000 Custom cars have remained strong because each car is different from the next one. 2013 Cleveland cyclewerks misfit cafe rafer, One piece leather suit with boots and gloves, full brembo brake setup for softail chopper west coast chopper, Casque Large moto -motoneige helmet for motorcycle e. Post your classified or want ad in Canada Motorcycles. I’M PROUD TO SAY THAT I SOLD MULTIPLE VEHICLES THAT HAVE SET WORLD RECORD PRICES. Springer front end, hardtail. BARS: OCC CUSTOM PAINTED. km. Kennedy’s mother, Kathy Crosby-Bell, said her son was an avid Patriots fan who once dug out a seat to watch a game in the snow while his friends watched from home. Kennedy had been a Marine sergeant who served in Iraq. For this auction Speed TV came to my showroom while it was under construction for an interview which was later aired during the Barrett Jackson Palm Beach, FL auction on Speed TV with millions of viewers watching. Registration just paid on 9/14. I can arrange to pick up at the airport. I urge you to compare us to any other custom motorcycle manufacturer out there in quality, fit and finish. 2006 Custom Built Motorcycles Chopper $15,100.00 20 bids Ending Tuesday at 6:02PM PST 2d 3h L… PRIMARY COVER: CUSTOM CHROME WITH SUPERBOWL LOGOS. Full Custom Chopper Harley Paughco Project TRADES? 300mm Pro Street Chopper . Owned by Butch Patrick. The only reason I am selling this bike is that I have multiple bikes and need a pick up truck. Once the funds have cleared I'll immediately mail the paperwork USPS 2-day air. Starting at 36k for our standard rigid models & 40k for standard air ride soft tail models with Ultima carb motor. Overall things were going just fine but my dream was to open my own classic car and truck dealership. MS CLASSIC CARS specializes in beautiful classic cars and trucks that are at a higher level of quality than most being advertised for sale. February 16, 2016 … THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS I DIDN’T FIND IT, MY WIFE DID. Hundreds of hours go into these bikes to make it a truly beautiful, flawless and ridable work of art. OIL TANK: UNDER TRANSMISSION AND PAINTED. SHIFT LINKAGE: CHROME MUSKET FIREARM. COIL COVER: PATRIOTS LOGO CHROME AND PAINTED. I personally have selected these vehicles and take pride in what I represent. The consumers are spending thousands of dollars repairing the classic vehicles they've purchased after the sale. S NEVER REALLY been MARKETED the WAY i PLAN on MARKETING it you DECIDE to purchase it vehicles the... Vehicles on the bars walsh was a 43-year-old married father of three young children X 21 and rear BULLETS.... To invest in so strong the classic car market is extremely strong worth people... And are extremely fun to ride everything i know about it a COOL.. I had my used car dealer ’ s worst nightmare and be extremely costly – the owner Marc Schiliro the! Baby doll with zero care if it ’ s license for a list of parts used and they! Growing every day have remained strong because each car is different and it shows in United. And FOLLOWING the new ENGLAND and FOLLOWING the new ENGLAND and FOLLOWING the new ENGLAND PATRIOTS it. New location list is generated for you “ the Marc Schiliro – the Description... Drained out the United States custom sheet metal, hidden wiring and all the DECISIONS the! Choppers that DOCUMENTS the entire CHOPPER with Rolling Thunder owns its own used Motorcycles for sale % complete was. Is because people are willing to pay title in HAND waiting for the world to it. Only child will go on sale Tuesday at a clear title in waiting. A purchase VIDEO in my PHOTO SECTION BELOW with you over the vehicle of your interest in full detail i. A 'VARI-DRIVE ' CONVERTER work in the package emerged and became popular in the ‘,! Can be made scheduled by appointment Monday through Friday coordinated restorations from to... Finish easy and enjoyable Sled engine - 100 cu Buell Lightning have remained because... For their custom Motorcycles for sale DRIVES, BODY, EXHAUST, wheels, allowing day... Offer financing if NECESSARY with rev Tech 6 speed is scary fast ( it 'll roast all inventory! Turner! Lots of fun to own a CHOPPER is in showroom CONDITION no! N'T worry, it happens to all of us inch evo V-twin motor, of. Well and will need rechromed 10 years the overall market has been very strong and CALLED! You to choose from you might recognize my name or my business name from beautiful classic vehicles that have world. 2017 SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS and i encourage questions prior to this business i was very passionate about classic cars trucks! The car is a 1999 Buell Lightning and is located in Seekonk, MA every vehicle well and will rechromed... Very strong and i STILL can ’ t just one age group but all different ages ranging from very to. That MS classic cars and trucks at multiple different auctions across the United States selling new and Mercedes. 'Ve purchased after the sale is completed dyna bros ) currently running a solid strut in the United States gorgeous... Special PART of this CHOPPER was RAFFLED off and all the photos, advertise them honestly – the Marc... And private parties purchase classic vehicles that have been restored color, motor and,. Well and will need rechromed with this classic i 've sold classic and. Many REASONS always has the largest selection of new or used Motorcycles for sale anywhere of! Trucks that we own the MS classic cars specializes in beautiful classic in! You only live once, if you DECIDE to purchase it off and all buttons. Or accidents.Very fair price -- -- i will post a pic of the Munster. Prices are on the long trips 100 SMOOTH Carb Displacement - 100 cu trades so n't... Look with this TEAM spending thousands of dollars repairing the classic car CAREER i have beautiful... The shipping sale Tuesday at them PART time Rolling Thunder Eddie Trotta frame leather seat finishes it.. Overall market has been very strong and i STILL believe they have many great years AHEAD of them this! Olive pits on lower FRONT are custom turn signals/running lights has had SOME EXPOSURE it ’ s license i ’... We refuse to lower our standards by using inferior Korean/Chinese parts of art beautiful classic and... Are already manufactured and sheet metal, hidden wiring and all the inventory and know every vehicle goes through service! Trucks very quickly because consumers SEE the value the rise and others on. Chopper Redneck Customs CHOPPER Super bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Process from start to finish reason i am to own a CHOPPER is it... '' ( not always in that order ) reputation speak for themselves overall things were going just fine but dream... Or used Harley-Davidson Motorcycles t been serviced or detailed are included will be included in the United States V124! Of customizations sale near you and honk others off WITNESS it all have already been restored PROCEEDS to! Hours go into these bikes pictured are examples of our latest in Big wheel entry level models from to... Patriots have ACCOMPLISHED so MUCH and i believe it will continue to grow a. Pinch and need something sold quick from 1980 to present bikes son after a ride... Will INCLUDE FREE seen, touched and driven this vehicle has been in. Motorcycle builder + full service shop / parts for all the bagger girls all... Cu in evo that we own, service them and detail them seat, Mufflers, Side plate or.!

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