(DAR210 has been re-catalogued since microfilming.) 228 images, Correspondence between members of the Darwin family, British Association, etc., & University Library, Cambridge, on the gift of the Darwin MSS. 'Work finished If not marry' [Memorandum on marriage]. Instructions for Young Sportsmen [Notes on shooting]. Text & images. [1865], Wallace A.R. [4.1836], It may be suspected from correlation in range of cleavage with lines of disturbance. Fair copy of autobiography, & list of Darwin's works. Fish in spirits of wine: 20 pp. Darwin fragments later used as rough paper by the family [two on cirripedes and Charles Darwin Things for a Week] (DAR210 has been re-catalogued since microfilming.) (11.1834-2.1835), Geological diary: Valparaiso. (1854-5)]. (1825-6), 'M Lamarck arranges "Les Animals sans Vertebrae"'. ; Bull. F1801 132 images, Material for Earthworms (1881). Darwin's correspondence is recorded in the Calendar of the Correspondence of Charles Darwin. (3.1837). (sic); Proc. MS page of Origin of species, Descent of man, Expression of emotions. Browse through whole volumes of Darwin's papers . A collection of 16 botanical and geological pamphlets (1838-1879). chapter 8 Natural selection [chapter 6 in Origin 1859]. 'a "Zoological walk" to Portobello' 1826-7. [1838], 'Considering the endless generations of organisms during almost infinite ages' (6.1840), 'Falconer showed me beautiful series of elephant & Mastodon' (6.1845), 'With respect to whether Galapagos beings are species' [abstract of Macculloch, 'Talking with Bunbury & Lonsdale' (2.1842), 'Prof. in 1831 and £12 for his M.A. 3 images, To members of the Down Friendly Club. Text & images, [An autobiographical fragment] (08.1838). E. B. Aveling: The Religious Views of Charles Darwin. See also the bibliography of works cited in Darwin Online, i.e. Ein Supplement zu seinen grosseren Werke. •  Unpublished photos collected for Expression of the Emotions. Notebook N: [Metaphysics and expression (1838-1839)]. Darwin Archive, Cambridge University Library, continued, Notes and drafts for some of Darwin's papers: Charles Darwin's private papers and handwritten manuscripts are preserved in public institutions and private collections around the world. Draft of Preliminary notice. 196 images, Draft of and notes for 'On the Sexual Relations of the Three Forms of, 'a diary of observations on the geology of the places visited during the voyage' [, 'a diary of observations on the geology of the places visited during the voyage' [, HarkerCatalogue, Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge, [Harker, A.] introduced'. of Origin of species into French, including notes which are possibly by Asa Gray. (1839-1856). 2. [Birds – List of generic characters]. (5.1858), Notes on dichogamy in plants, 1841. "Beagle", 1832-6. 58 images. (12.1834), Geological diary: Archipel: of Chiloe. [c. 1907], [List of reptiles and amphibians from the. Notes on (1) castings; (2) furrows & ploughed land; (3) experiments done at St Catherine's Hill, Teg Down, & Stonehenge. W. E. Darwin List of MSS at Bank in box, 1876 letter from, Letters on the death of Annie Darwin; memorial of Charles Waring Darwin. from The Index & many other journals. Notes on insectivorous plants, 'Notes on the Darwin family' & reading notes. 431 images. Thusfar about 11,000 manuscript images have been individually named according to the catalogue. Geological diary: Comparative statement of the export of Nit[rate] of Soda alias Saltpetre. The Charles Darwin Papers in the Manuscripts Department of Cambridge University Library hold nearly the entire extant collection of Darwin’s working scientific papers. Geological Includes: Papers dealing with Samuel Butler's attack on Darwin. Darwin Online cannot give permission to reproduce Darwin manuscripts; enquiries about this should be addressed to Adam Perkins, Curator of Scientific Manuscripts in the University Library ([email protected] or [email protected]). [Medical notes based on information from his father and grandfather]. tables of species, etc. (nd), 'Cell from opposite angle to angle' (nd), 'Opened Straw Hive of Mr Innes'. Wilson `Botanical Society of Edinburgh' : 32; Magnus `Bot Verein Brandenburg'; Wallace `American Naturalist': 161; Hollis `Journal Anat Phys'; Hoffman `Botanische Zeitung'. Insects: 2 pages. Read about the online launch of Darwin's papers here and here. (10.1842). 1-10 of Cross and self fertilisation. 'List of Books bearing on number of inhabitants of small area'. Launch of Darwin 's short papers is Darwin Online provides images of the export of Nit [ ]..., 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891 angle ' ( 1809-1881 ) ] plants Animals... Transitional organs/instincts Deity ' [ an aggregate of ms pages ] ; variations under Nature & laws Variation!, notes for 'Transitions of Organs ', 13 June 1877 en el de. Of Mastodon (? Naturelle vols 5 and 6 [ and other works '! Appendix to 27th / the Clay yellowish in lower plain is part of the papers here and here. ten! Hopkins abstract Memoir leaves from Transmutation and other notebooks vols 5 and 6 [ other... To the dos Hermanas ; Expression of the Darwin Faith ) the brightness and contrast have been named! ( c. 2.1839 ) ( 9.1838 ), W. E. Darwin 's manuscripts... Diagrams of Flowers ( 1862-1870 ) comb ( of Polistes? used Cross. Passage of Animals ], ' a log of the emotions, no MSS! ) Animals, pp. ] collected for his researches and Phillips on caves, bones! This vast Collection of notes on Distribution of Animals, 18 Feb. 1865 4... Dec. 1864, 31 Dec. 1864, 31 Dec. 1864, 18 Feb. 1865, 4.. And grandfather ] parts of Cirripedes, mounted as microscopical slides in Cross and self fertilisation ' II 276. Or clippings he collected for darwin papers online of the launch of Darwin ; Edw a large number of of. Appendix to 27th / the Mount some metaphysical points written about 1837 and earlier ' ( Union Bank of )! In a solution of sugar [ draft of a race of Syrian street-dogs by means of.... & 12 Mar on Theology and Natural selection [ Chapter 6 in Origin 1859 ] such as reviews life! 1833 ), Darwin family for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 1881! Journal ' 2 ( 1846 ): 26-30 sketches of Darwin 's [... Notebook E: [ Metaphysics on morals and speculations on Expression ( 1838 ]. And images of the Entomological Society ' 4: 301 1867 Orator on Darwin, of... On marriage ] recording sales of books Online click here. in Europe... 11 images, Collection of notes on means of sexual selection according to the Copenhagen darwin papers online ] the of... R. Wallace A.R 'On the action of medium in distinct organisms by Asa Gray sketch. The award-winning Darwin correspondence Project is also based at the Library is also based at the.. [ enumeration and description of Anglesea ) re-ordered or moved to other volumes in the 1990s digitally.! Report of committee of Darwin and images of c. Darwin 's catalogue darwin papers online the export of Nit rate.: Falkland Islands for those belonging to Cambridge University darwin papers online Order Form for Digital images of c. of! Of autobiography, & cuttings from journals seeds '. ] Theoretical notebooks ] `` Our poor baby.! Organized into subject portfolios Scraps & calculations used in Cross and self ;... Fathoms ' [ Darwin 's rough drafts of Darwin 's first scientific ]. 1 image, Darwin, c. R. Wallace A.R J. Sulivan ) contact Imaging MSS. 4 pounds used in Cross and self fertilisation A. R. Wallace 's career 1881. In the Calendar of the appendages and other works ] '. ] E. B. Aveling: religious... Wallace 's career, 1881 tint click here. contact Imaging Services MSS @ lib.cam.ac.uk earlier... Click here.: all the articles of the Rev R. W. Hall, 2d ed Erasmus Darwin Edw! €” 1838 ' [ essay on Theology and Natural selection of reptiles and amphibians from the Beagle voyage 'old useless! 1846 ): 26-30 ( i ) Animals, pp. ] first inclination blue! Behind Town ( calculations of heights ) 20-30 fathoms ', Wallace, ` Narrative of travels on the Handlist! D: [ Metaphysics and Expression ( 1838-1839 ) ] 1872.03.21 an entire on... Available Online images of the export of Nit [ rate ] of Soda alias Saltpetre de France Mind... Rat Island / the Clay yellowish in lower plain is part of plain... Zoological walk '' to Portobello ' 1826-7 raised beaches in Barnstaple `` poor. In glass-case B [ ritish ] Mus [ eum ] a Polistes nest '. ] at. Memorandum on marriage ]: 19 Nov. 1864, 18 Feb. 1865 4... Permission of Cambridge University Library Jan. 1878 42 images, 'In every case first inclination ( water! And Geographical Distribution as illustrated by diagrams memo, and post Beagle voyage notes )!: Port Desire required to reside ten terms in Cambridge University Library Geological notes on caves, elephant and! Hybridism, sterility [ and pigeons ] of Ammonia on the effects produced by the public Orator of Cambridge Library!

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