James is a Texan with a passion for BBQ, who came to this country to spread the Craft Beer gospel. Sweetman is the place to be for beer-lovers. Luckily, Dublin has many craft beer pubs, where you’ll have more than enough choice for something else. His company, Vanguard Beer Collective, has been instrumental in the remarkable rise in popularity of Craft Beer in Ireland. The capital is home to some fantastic craft beer establishments where you'll find some of the best brews the country has to offer. Dublin may not be famed for its warm climate, but when the sun does appear you’ll want to hotfoot it to one of the city’s buzzy beer gardens. Sweetman. family fun, craft beer, local foodie favourites at leinster cricket grounds to close off the festival season 2019 5th / 6th / … The Craft Beer Guide to Dublin . He works with most of the small brewers in Ireland, distributing and marketing their crafty creations around the world. Sure there were a few other big name lager choices and some Beamish on occasion, but, for the most part, you had your pick of two very similar creamy stouts. Would you prefer a Guinness or a Murphy’s? They have their own brewery and sell their craft beers for very decent prices between €4,00 and €4,50. the dublin beer circus is back for the second year running! The Craft Beer industry has come on leaps and bounds in Ireland, new breweries are popping up and existing ones are expanding while pubs specialising in selling Craft Beer are going from strength to strength. We brew great beers with the hops we grow right outside our front door. Trouble Brewing - Dark Arts Porter 4.4% ABV J.W. Dublin, the traditional home of the black stuff, is quickly becoming a hotspot for another delicious type of brew: craft beer. One of the newest additions to Dublin’s craft-beer scene, Bonobo boasts a beautiful outdoor terrace with plenty of seating. J.W. Dublin Corners Farm Brewery is a small, family owned craft brewery located in the Western Finger Lakes region of New York. Until two years ago, that was your choice when you stepped foot in any Irish pub. Here is a list of some authentic Irish Beers for you to try while in Dublin. Visitors are brought through the brewery floor to a mezzanine where the tour of the brewing facilities begins. Visitors will learn how the founders – a husband and wife team – took inspiration from the craft beer scene in New Zealand and decided to pursue a dream of setting up a Dublin brewery. We are located in Dublin, California and operated by two craft beer nerds who share a passion for craft beer sparked at Bay Area breweries and honed through extensive travels to try local craft beers from all across the country.

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