Positive Thinking ; Negative Thinking ; Misconception ; Effects ; Ways to Change ; Written by David Carnes . 13 June, 2017 . Much of your behavior depends on your attitudes. There are many great articles on the internet discussing the effects of a negative attitude on health and other areas of life. Negative teacher attitudes can also damage students’ psychological well being. Tips for Dealing with Negative People. We all have a bad day every now and then. So it’s only a matter of time before workers with negative attitudes rub off on other team members, bringing them down with them. Nobody wants to be around someone who’s constantly talking about how terrible everything is. Negative Attitude. Fact Checked. According to a 2001 study by Florin Sava, published in the International Journal for Teaching and Teacher Education, teachers’ use of humiliation, fear and intimidation can cause students to develop habit disorders, shyness, withdrawal and anxiety. Negative attitudes about ageing and older people also have significant consequences for the physical and mental health of older adults. Perhaps you notice in front of the mirror that you're all bent out of shape today. If you are a negative person who complains often and worries too much about all the things that could go wrong (or the tiniest things that do go wrong), you are putting a serious strain on your marriage. Older people who feel they are a burden perceive their lives to be less valuable, putting them at risk of depression and social isolation. Negative Attitude. Maybe you got up on the wrong side of the bed. The effects of a negative attitude on marriage are profound. Subject: Soft Skills for Personality Development Chapter: Attitude and Emotional Intelligence

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