The upheaval of French revolution was a turning point in the history of thinking about society. Its involvement in the American Revolution had left the regime of King Louis XVI bankrupt and desperate to raise funds by … Sociology the discipline emerged from the intellectual revolution and enlightenment thought , shortly after the French Revolution . Sociology and the Age of Enlightenment The origins of sociological thinking as we know it today can he traced to the scientific revolution in the late seventeenth and mid-eighteenth centuries and to the Age of Enlightenment In this period of European thought, emphasis was placed on the individual's possession of critical reasoning and experience. Services, What Is Sociology? Other events of that time period also influenced the development of sociology. It made sociology came into existence without opposition. During the … France felt under the rule of King Louie XVI, he rose to the throne at the age of 20 years and lacked the will and ideas to bring about the change in the French society. In the late 19 th century when the world was facing one of the biggest changes, Sociology also hit the human race for their betterment. The first and second classes were made up of the clergy and the nobility, the third class was … This period of history is often described as a period of great transformation laid the grounds of socio historical factors   that led to the realization of  issues such as urbanization , poverty , rights , unemployment , hunger , citizenship which broadened the dimensions of study of society and led to the realization of the need for its systematic study . The term sociology was coined by French philosopher Auguste Comte in 1838, who for this reason is known as the “Father of Sociology.” Comte felt that science … Women, being constantly undermined in the corrupt society entered the revolution with all odds against them. The French Revolution grew bloody at times but, ultimately, the monarch was overturned. Origins of the Revolution The French Revolution had general causes common to all the revolutions of the West at the end of the 18th century and particular causes that explain why it was by far the most violent and the most universally significant of these revolutions. Age of Enlightenment The Age of Enlightenment, which lasted throughout much of the 17th and 18th centuries, was an intellectual movement, which resulted in overturning many old ideas. It was the first great uprising of the people against the autocracy of the ruler. The Influence of the French Revolution: The French Revolution of 1789 is an important landmark in the history of Europe. It cannot be studied in isolation of the unprecedented transformation witnessed at the aftermath of of the two most significant and landmark events of industrial and french revolution . Sociology is the scientific study of human social life, societies and groupings. First, the French Revolution ended the system of feudalism in France. It emerged as a distinct discipline in the mid 19th century when European social observers began to experiment using scientific methods. … The Birth of Sociology.) EMERGENCE OF SOCIOLOGY. Why Is Sociology Important? During this historical period,people’s lives became much easier and better. It fought regionalism and "federalism" and every tendency toward provincial autono-my and away from the disciplined centraliza-tion of the state. - Definition, Themes & Careers in Sociology, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. The French Revolution. It generated ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity which crossed the boundaries of France and influenced whole of Europe. The people of France rose up in defiance of exploitative and repressive values that had existed for centuries . ( Log Out / 

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