It only takes about 16 months for you to eat your first home grown banana so it’s really worth growing. Growing Bananas Indoors. Second, they require a great deal of warmth, humidity, fertilizer and water. Check the growing requirements of the variety you choose to grow; in some locations, some varieties are best planted in partial shade. However, they also require sun protection. Bananas grow best in full sun, but the leaves and fruit will sunburn and scorch in bright sunlight when temperatures are high. Where I live the commercial banana growers water their plants two or three times a day with sprinklers … First, the edible bananas are the taller varieties that look like trees – some grow 20 feet tall. If you love bananas, you'll be ecstatic to learn that you can grow banana trees yourself. The huge soft leaves evaporate a lot and you have to keep up the supply. You need a lot of water to grow bananas. The full Instructions on how to grow a banana tree in an indoor planter are detailed in the link below: Grow Bananas Inside While many people in subtropical climates tend to grow these trees outside in their yard, banana trees can actually thrive in a pot or container inside of your house. Your chances of growing an edible banana indoors are slim. Caring for a banana plant is not that difficult, especially if you are used to grow herbs at home. Plant bananas … Bananas also need high humidity to be happy.

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