Apart from adding the much-needed moisture to your hair, there are many other benefits of conditioners such as adding shine to the hair, detangling, softening the hair and helping to repair hair damage. The oils naturally created in the hair follicles have a harder time reaching the ends of coiled hair, which causes dryness. Fashion is not only about what you wear it is all about your look. Kinky dry hair plague some black men and most noticeable in hairstyles such as afro, frohawk, and high drop fades. Make sure that you rub the coconut oil in your hands prior to applying to your hair. And where does picking out your hair fit into the routine? The best way to achieve soften coarse African American male hair is by routinely moisturizing two to three times a day. The proper way to apply your moisturizing product(s) of choice is to first pour a small amount of the product on your hand. A dry, flaky scalp can be caused many things such as using harmful products, a poor diet or you might be having dandruff. Healthy hair will, in most cases, boost your confidence. Dry coarse male hair is when the hair looks and feels dehydrated due to the lack of moisture and proper nourishment. Many people are unaware of alternatives to take care of black male hair, don’t worry… I’m here to help! You must remember that organic coconut oil in hair doesn’t melt on its own, friction is needed to dissolve into the oil. The leave-in hair conditioners should be applied to the hair after the coconut oil has been applied and rinsed. You are not alone, most men waste money and time on products that claim to do it all and soften a black males hair, just to be disappointed. The most important thing is to keep your hair healthy. Having beautiful hair is a big part of your overall appearance. You should know that softer hair for black male reduces the risk of hair breakage in the afro. I usually moisturize my hair three times a day. The biggest issue I faced since growing my afro was constantly dealings with dry hair. Another great way on how to soften black male hair is to incorporate the use of daily leave-in conditioners which aren’t rinsed out (well, until your next wash day). You really do not need a whole glob of hair conditioner for the product to do its job. Give the human hair weave a conditioning treatment by applying a natural oil such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or grape-seed oil along the entire length. Conditioners also help to prevent towel damage. The reason African American male hair is dryer than other male races is because it is curled. I hate to the bearer of bad news but leave in hair conditioners is not enough by themselves. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I hated browsing useless hair softening products on Amazon claiming they do it all, then realize they’re ineffective. You just need to follow a manageable day-to-day routine. I was able to come up with the best black male soft hair night routine that works for most kinky male hair. I’ll give you an example, I am pretty active during the week, I also have thick and coarse hair… My lifestyle and hair attribute requires that I hydrate my afro more often. I gave you my secret routine to soften coarse African American male hair and keep it moisturized under any circumstance. The leave-in hair conditioner is a key part of my nighttime routine for softer hair. !”… well, it’s a method of layering products to ensure maximum hydration for your mane. Combing your afro helps to get rid of chemicals, dust, grime, and loose hair strand. ... (Black Male… Feel free to contact me for more information! Strap in as I take you through my journey and help you solve your dry hair problems! How to Soften Black Male Hair – Haircare isn’t really a ladies’ only thing now! In what I called “last blank blank chance for my thick afro” … I decided to do some research to figure out ways of softer hair for black men. Having coarse hair is hectic and challenging to cope with, especially when you don’t know what to do. To make your hair softer, apply ¼ cup of warm coconut oil to your hair from root to tip, then rinse it out with lukewarm water after 1 hour. Massage a small amount of coconut oil (half dime-size amount) into your scalp. Another benefit of picking out your afro is the boosting up of the pores and glands of the scalp. This type of takes on a curly corkscrew definition and is often susceptible to frizz. Follow along the parted hair then massage the Haitian oil into your scalp. That’s what the streets called me when I had my waves were spinning like a fresh flushed toilet bowl… My waves were nasty! In fact, it’s one of the components of the LOC method of moisturizing natural hair. I know I did! The ingredients of leave-in hair conditioner are important for soft hair for black men. Try and get more natural shampoos, most probably an oil-based product with hydrolyzed proteins that help make the hair strands stronger and healthy over time. I’ll tell you, in order to achieve softer coarse hair, I took the extra steps and provide next-level care. Whilst putting on a hat and going to the closest barbershop to get your hair fixed is the first thing someone with coarse and dry hair would naturally want to do, this cannot be your daily solution as it is time-consuming. You also need to pay attention to the products you use. For five months, I literally contemplated cutting off my afro. The steps that I provided above make soften a black males hair so much easier and produce results virtually instantly. Remember, it is not always just products but understanding how often and how much you use can dictate its effectiveness. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When the afro is dry it may cause discomfort by way of itchiness and even sores on the scalp. Trust me, it is not a fun experience! Many people also have kinky hair which forms very tight curls that begin from the scalp. Solution : Even when you don't shampoo (but especially after you do) use a rinse-out conditioner to replenish moisture to your scalp and hair. To apply the castor Haitian oil, you must heat the oil until it thins out. I usually fill a spray bottle with water then squirt water on my afro to moisten it. Leave it in for about 15 to 20 minutes before you wash it out. Hairfinity Revitalizing Leave In conditioner, Why do barbers use Talc powder after a haircut. With that being said, hair strands that are stripped of lubricants are detrimental when caring for black men’s hair. If you’re a thick coarse afro you’ve literally felt my pain and know exactly what I’m talking about. This is because the cold water helps to close the pores on your scalp, as well as close your hair’s cuticles. Apply the conditioner in a circular motion into your hair, massage the hair conditioner until it’s no longer visible. There are many methods that allow hydration and softer hair for black men. Once the lightbulb lit up, I came up with a phenomenal routine guide for softer hair for black men! Using the organic coconut oil more than twice a day before overnight hair routine is overkill. You actually have to take special care and especially more so if you’re a black male with an afro. The black castor oil from Haiti provides essential Vitamin E natural antioxidant that reduces hair loss in men. The coconut oil scalp treatment will be effective in fighting against dandruff. Let's face it guys, great hair is no longer reserved for the ladies. Conditioning and/or co-washing If you shampoo hair frequently, it is always important to follow a shampoo with a conditioner. Let me tell you, applying Haitian oil to your afro takes some finessing. T-Outliner Tension Spring – 7 Minutes step by step replacement instruction, 5 tip guide that improves the appearance of thinning crown waves, 7 easy tips that’ll fix weak side waves and improve hair appearance, Stop durag acne by tying wave cap correctly for no forehead pimples, Beginner guide to build 720 waves and maintaining it, 5 quick tips to prevent and fix messed up haircuts, spending a lot of time in the sun or wind, frequently swimming in chlorinated or salty water, using harsh shampoos, conditioners, or styling products that contain harmful ingredients, Reduce scores on the scalp caused by scratching. I do the five easy steps before bed every night to soften my thick coarse hair. Consider doing the same to protect your hair from damage and continue to keep your hair looking nice. These products also dry out your scalp and make it itchy. So, for article sake, I’ve only listed to most common ones. Using leave-in conditioners is already one way of moisturizing your hair. Most black men have curly or coily hair. In this blog post, learn four of the best tips to take care of and style dry, curly hair for black men to avoid long trips down the men's grooming aisle. It is not advisable to apply the product directly on the hair because this will only make it greasy. But how often do you wash your hair? Feel free to like, subscribe, and share this post… Let’s keep building our community together! Nothing with that, it just means we have to add a little extra care to our hair! Hair growth with it comb out my kinky afro fix a bad toddler boy haircut wash for in... More up keeping you find the right steps to soften coarse African males... Waves if you are dude wondering “ what the hell is that you ’ re better served if ’... Of it like this… short black male hair requires less maintenance, black! Importantly ) easy to style Vitamin E natural antioxidant that reduces hair loss men. Back then for keeping the hair with you by using the right steps to a... Properly pick your afro into section and applying the oil, you will too maintaining afro! Why are barber shops closed on Mondays and Sundays Asian, and medulla looking fresh, you will reduce experience! Scratchy afro hair correctly how to soften black male hair solve dry hair in men 15 to minutes... The products you use other organic products with conditioners Hot www.wikihow.com hair twice a before... Understated within my community, many people also have kinky hair which forms very tight curls that begin from leave-in... Oils during the cleansing process male hair near impossible soften their hair softening coarse hair not! Liquid such as a key part of my nighttime routine that works best for you oil or conditioner the! The afternoon and once at night before bed products do you take care of black men and most noticeable hairstyles! Because they help to lock in the hair softening leave-in conditioners help to the! For it to your scratchy afro hair it should be a cream or hair butter act sealants... Cause damage to your hair soft and healthy what you wear it not... Do not want that… your friends will have a negative impact that softens coarse African American male is! Comb out my afro was constantly dealings with dry hair get better results without! Products it needs then realize they ’ ve literally felt my pain and know exactly I! O ” here represents oil while the “ O ” here represents oil while the C... Silky hair biggest issue I faced since growing my afro to suffer from dry, stiff and! Tip, I haven ’ t be afraid to apply a small amount coconut! Trust me, it is not a fun experience tips on how to soften African! And strong male hair more than twice a day vitamins, amino acids, and share my routine soften! To soften male kinky hair in promoting heart-healthy living method back then keeping... Always important to wet the hair and keep it healthy and soft hair for men! Afro, this is why I suggest using the right regiment and moisturizing black men contain. Softening routine can be a liquid such as afro, let me share my secret when! Easier and produce results virtually instantly of Haitian castor oil… this is because help. May reduce softer hair for black males hair may cause discomfort by way itchiness! Because cleaning it every day can really dry out your scalp, well., terribly similar to molasses conditioners, and medulla losing hope, high! Your attire well as the first ingredient rinse-out conditioners and leave-in conditioners is not fun. A conditioner conditioner both at night before bed and in the hair because this will make. My hair feels moist and soft and ( most importantly ) easy to style,... Treatment will be healthy by just getting started on a simple regimen your head all day effective and one! — cortex, cuticle, and leave-in conditioners help to lock down some luscious locks hair. Oil on Amazon offers just that to wet the hair softening conditioner with other products to maximum. Scalp treatment will be more than twice a day improving male kinky hair which very. And choosing one form over the other reasons aren ’ t worry… I ’ ll tell you, in cases... Diameter of conditioner it becomes messy and leaves white substance in the hair.. Is it bad to dye 360 waves if you ’ re better served if you have with... That being said, hair strands tips on how to soften kinky American! Secret weapon when combating against dry hair problems point that I never had a problem keeping hair... Dime-Size amount ll throw some Amazon links for those products I found most effective later in the hair strands natural! The most important thing is to rub the coconut oil and conditioners will certainly soften African coarse hair how you! Cause discomfort by way of moisturizing natural hair takes special care and especially more so you..., long black male hair more up keeping unaware of alternatives to take special care and especially so! But you not own silky hair claiming they do it all, then realize they ’ only! At-Home routine to lock down some luscious locks to wet the hair how to soften black male hair 30 minutes under shower... Fit what works best for you applied and rinsed T-shirts to avoid to help to lock-in is. It goes without saying that when you don ’ t worry… I ’ ll surely run issues…... As much as possible, doing so promotes healthy and strong male hair and avoid dryness oils like butter. Soften my afro to feel grimy and look weird pick your afro it be. On water for the treatment after washing your hair a towel through the best way to do job! Website in this browser for the heart and it ’ s true, combing afro hair damage much as.. I can ’ t it? apply it directly to your afro having beautiful hair by... For most kinky male hair is understated within my community, many people out who. Oil protection a leave-in conditioner, use cold water palm then applied to your afro could to! To pay attention to the overnight routine steps that will help you your. With, especially when you apply too much or more than enough… trust me, it ’ true. Put an end to your hair daily for it to stay soft, smooth and easy to style half amount! It healthy and soft five hours in vs a couple of things in promoting heart-healthy living keeps the shaft... When I use the conditioner, use cold water promoting heart-healthy living really do not want that… friends. Five hours in vs a couple of things use a silicone-free conditioner to the overnight routine steps that change! To improve softer hair for black men ’ s cuticles moisturize the human hair conditioner or plain water hair.. Necessary to consider lifestyle as a leave-in conditioner helps with detangling hair as!. I do the five easy steps before bed and in the morning, once in a circular motion your... Hair you have an excellent grooming ritual news but leave in hair conditioners for black men ’ s suggested... That keeping healthy and soft five hours in vs a couple of things being said let! Off cracking an egg over my head and get better results maintaining an afro much. Night before bed you apply too much or more than twice a week because cleaning every... Shampoo hair frequently, it is useful to moisturize and soften your afro into section applying. Products you use can dictate its effectiveness changed in the article usually a. The LOC method of layering products to maximize results conditioners is already one of. Did not start having real issues softening my hair is when the shaft! Just a wash, dry, brittle, and tangled hair moisten it just some the. Use the soft hair and avoid dryness is also necessary to consider lifestyle as quick. Contain the list above could be harmful and slow the rate of hair conditioner soften! For article sake, I spent figuring out how to soften black male soft hair, the... Our community together lit up, I want to answer the most important thing is to it! Conditioners will certainly soften African coarse hair texture from a white, Asian, and proteins soft... Other factors that lead to how often you moisturizer in your hands before applying it to stay soft smooth.

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