The basic type is the same kind used on pools and other sources of water. Original scientific paper DETERMINATION OF FLUORIDE CONTENT IN DRINKING WATER AND TEA INFUSIONS USING FLUORIDE ION SELECTIVE ELECTRODE M. B. Rajković1 and Ivana D. Novaković1 Abstract: Potentiometric analysis of fluoride content (as F– ion) in solutions by using fluoride ion-selective electrode is simple, reliable and cheap. Substantial amounts of chlorates, bromates and sulphates cause white discolorations of the paper… The impregnated strips that contain fluoride reagent were immersed in 25 mL of water containing different fluoride concentrations (0.00, 0.50, 0.75 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.00 mg L −1). Prepare a stock standard containing a fluoride concentration of 100.0 mg/L by adding 221.1 mg of sodium fluoride to a final volume of 1.000 L. beginning with the 100.0 mg/L standard and using the serial dilution method, made a series of stock standards with fluoride concentrations of 50.00, 10.00, 5.000, 2.500, 1.000, 0.500 and 0.250 mg/L. Fluoride Test (Test #6), Chlorates, bromates and sulfates result in a whitening of the test paper if present in large quantities, Test #6 will give positive results in acidic solutions. Determination of fluoride using fluoride handmade reagent paper. A large number of fluoride field kits based on colorimetric techniques are commercially available (Tables 4.3, 4.4). The pinkish-red paper turns yellowish-white in the presence of fluorides. Thenatural level of fluoride can fluctuate depending on seasons, weather pattern, and land use. The final colour of a test paper or a water sample is either compared visually with a colour scale (semi-quantitative) or more precisely against standard measurements using a photometer (quantitative). STABILITY AND STORAGE Remove only as many strips as are required and reseal the container immediately after use. There are different test strips available to use for fluoride detection. 2.6. Fluoride is measured in the source water (intake water), especially if the source water has naturally occurring fluoride in it. These strips detect lead, pH levels, and other problems in addition to fluoride. Other strips detect only fluoride. 1.1 These test methods describe the semiautomated procedure for the analyses of various types of samples for the purpose of determining total fluoride. Purchase testing strips that detect fluoride. When the ionic strength of all standards and samples is constant, the response of a This paper is used for the determination of fluoride ions and gaseous hydrogen fluoride (H2 F2 ). Do not touch test papers! For fluoride ion solutions at 25EC and constant ionic strength, Thus, for an ideal fluoride ISE, the cell potential is linearly related to the logarithm of the fluoride ion concentration and should increase 59.16 mV for every 10-fold decrease in the [F-].

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