Similar to the tomatoes, you should make up a concentrated stock solution for the micronutrients with the exception of iron as their weights for a normal strength solution would be too small to weigh accurately. These include two-spotted, red-spider mite, carmine mites, and broad mites. The high water requirement is a result of the large soft leaves. Mr. Reddy was born in farmer's family and was into 'IT' profession where he was not happy with his activities. Other cucumbers becoming increasingly in demand are the Beit Alpha (BA), Japanese or Persian pickle cucumbers (photo 2). Thereafter, use a half-strength nutrient solution. In a hydroponics setup, they must be trained to grow upwards along supporting structures such as strings or wires, light trellises or mesh structures will also suffice. Even bush varieties support for optimal production. If you are going to use bato buckets or other containers of perlite, it is best to sterilize the substrate prior to transplanting. They can be grown 2 to 3 plants per planting space. Night temperatures should be no less than 18°C. It is the combination of the particulates in your hydroponic system. Cucumbers are vining plants and should be strung upwards for support to maximize the use of vertical space. Carbon dioxide enrichment from 800 to 1000 ppm will help the Cucumber plants compensate for the lower than natural sunlight conditions when using artificial lights. Within a few days, you can see the set of true leaves emerging from the Rockwool medium. Keep on removing side shoots on these “laterals” with the exception of one healthy one at the top of the plant near the support wire. Nutrient solutions commence with a standard vegetable formulation. They are 100% female plants so no male flowers are present to pollinate. You do not need to use Tomahooks with extra string for supporting the cucumber plants as they are not lowered. Place one at the edge of the rockwool block and the other beside the plant (photo 7). In contrast, a hydroponic system provides all of these nutrients without involving sunlight, soil, extra labor, allowing farmers to benefit from efficiencies and to reap large produce yields. Similar to tomatoes, cucumbers are started in rockwool cubes 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” sowing one seed per cube. Sufficient air movement within the indoor garden must be provided so Cucumber plant foliage can be seen gently moving in the breeze. Pickling Cucumbers are generally pickled. Also, please refer to my book, “Hydroponic Food Production” for further descriptions, photos and drawings of these pests. Hydroponic Cucumber plants need high to medium light levels and warm temperatures, so growing difficulties can occur during cloudy or cool weather. PPM Levels PPM (Parts Per Million) refers to … If the growth is too generative, lower the EC and increase the leachate. European and BA cucumbers are seedless, so should not be pollinated. Plants are most commonly grown in double rows in the greenhouse with both systems. As lower leaves turn yellow you may cut them off close to the stem with a sharp knife or pruning shears, but no more than one leaf per week. Cucumbers benefit from CO2 enrichment that will increase crop yields and speed up crop growth. You will need a lot of space and room to grow these! In your home you should be able to control humidity and temperatures close to optimum levels then these diseases will not be as prevalent. Cucumbers require more space than tomatoes. However, both hydroponic and soil pH levels should stay within the same optimal range of 5.5-6.0 pH. 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