The aim of this paper is to emphasize the importance of the Dubai mall location in defining its current strategic success. beginning of the new millennium, as explained by Mr. Atef. It is. Labour market reforms, low interest rates and energy prices, plus a weaker euro are delivering better-than-expected growth in the Spanish economy, lifting confidence. The value of re-, gression modeling is that as more and more information is collected, statistical relationships, to sales levels can be explored. Last year the number of visitors rose 12%, boosting retail sales. yet, they do not know their preferences, hence, they aren’t aware of his virtual locations. Immigration has important consequences for German cities, for example, and may offset the country’s falling birth rate and ageing population. Dubai mall with a total area of 12.1 million square feet enjoys the title of the world’s largest, were opened, which is the biggest mall opening in the history of retailing. offered to demonstrate that it has been designed in a very, efcient manner to ensure the success by establishing a competitive advantage and offering, a greater value and shopping experience to shoppers at the mall. Dubai Mall- is the largest mall in Middle East-the largest in the world by space- and is surrounded by interesting attractive venues such as "Burj Khalifa"- the tallest building in the world. Of all these factors, it is location which is most fundamental to the success of a bricks and mortar retail business and the use of location intelligence to drive decision making can be the difference between retail success and failure. The influence of perception of in-store colour on consumers' in-store behaviour. The horrific terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015 highlighted how an over-reliance on tourism – as with a dependence on any single industry or employer – can also be a source of vulnerability. He did his Ph.D. in Economics in the area, of Marketing of Financial Services. The best-rated cities in our ranking are also attracting the most investment flows. stop shop and a place to eat from a large variety and options. They are opening stores in cities ranked highest in our City Attractiveness research and closing down shops in the less attractive cities. The corr, paper is a faculty of marketing at the university, who gave a live pr, Dubai Mall’ to a group of four students in his class of retail marketing management. Primary and, secondary sources of information helped us in understanding the reasons behind the success. Besides an array of, shopping, the mall has a number of entertainment options. In general, over the, past 60 years, the central place theory has been used to provide “a framework for the analysis, of both spatial and non-spatial retailing patterns”. Thirteen identified factors are government policies/regulations, supply chain, management commitment, location of store, image of the store, consumer culture, availability of skilled manpower, technology adoption, globalisation/competition, product localisation, real estate/infrastructure, workforce management and value conscious consumers. The importance of the location decision is due to the following factors. , Singapore Management University, Singapore. Initially this paper looks at the historic backgr, and important for the success of the retail establishments. He holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Business, Administration with specialization in Marketing. Clarkson, R., et al, (1996) also draw upon the checklist method as the initial “map work”, that is involved in developing a detailed study of the proposed site, its urban development, to predict turnover and is used more as a screening tool to present a basic cost benecial, One of the simplest methods that can be put into play, Bennison, D. (2000) is experience. to estimate the potential turnover of a store (Clarkson, R., et al, 1996). Examples of how regression models have been developed around a number of, determinants like competition, trade area composition, site accessibility, etc. study of the Dubai mall discussed later in this paper. Another critic is the concept of the center being the most, sought out location. Ms. Belqes, who contributed her time and efforts with the professor in writing this paper later, even after graduating from the university, has been given the status of coauthor in this study. In a city that is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, international visitors in Paris dropped after the attacks, and department stores Printemps and Galeries-Lafayette reported significantly weaker sales. Dependence on a particular employer or industry focus also increases vulnerability to shocks. In fact they even cite the preference of many retailers, towards “personal experience and instinct, regarding the process very much as an art.” This, is undoubtedly one of the easier methods as it relies on the judgment and past experience of, individuals with regard to opening a new retail location. many more such questions are answered in this paper. Prospects are patchy across Europe as the economy recovers and reduces unemployment. and estimate chances of getting it conveniently). Part 2 Retail structure: retailing and the settlement pattern the changing distribution system commercial structure within the metropolis the changing retail structure. These exceptions are Ostend in Belgium, Cannes in France, and Bologna and Milan in Italy. Over the decades, the importance of location of retail shops has been highlighted by many researchers, academicians and practitioners to understand the importance of retail location … This paper studies the role of geodemographic segmentation as an analytic tool in retail location strategy. City centres are attracting single-person households, particularly among Millennials, who want to live, work and enjoy their leisure time closer to city-centre amenities, particularly in or close to affordable, fashionable and gentrifying areas. Gravitational models stem from the deductive, theory of spatial interaction and are based on shopping behavior that gauges the countervailing, inuences of the attractiveness of the store and the distance between the shoppers’ home, for evaluating peoples’ behavior…based on the likelihood that individuals will gravitate to, a store depending on the distance they must travel, the distance they must travel to alternatives, and the inherent drawing power of each location” (Meyer, T, and Benison mentioned in their study that instinct and traditional rules of thumb used for, the selection of a retail location have been gradually supplemented by mathematical and, statistical tools and by the increase complexity of the business environment, retail location, appears to be an important factor to be considered within this complexity, Of the location assessment methods that have been listed above, it can be seen that the, gravity modeling method is the only tool that has been directly derived from the retail location, theories, specically the ‘Spatial Interaction Theory’. will travel (i.e. On the basis of above secondary and primary research, we can conclude that selection of, a retail location is not an easy task; its highly cumbersome and complicated issue to be, dened and chosen, as research showed that location should be chosen with the use of multiple, qualitative and quantitative (numeric) methods. Infrastructural. and acknowledges the efforts and contribution of Ms. Belqes Ahmed AlHashemi, Ms. Sarah Mohammed, the shoppers’ survey at the mall. To design successful strategies retailers must take into account not only the marketing environment confronting them today but also anticipate possible competitive and demographic changes. Other factors include located, near Sheikh Zayed Road (i.e. Paris, for instance, has 3.5 times the average city’s share of creative employment in its workforce, as well as more than 1,000 attractions. Research attempts, to uncover whether and how individual and retail characteristics impact consumers’ retail, Objectives of the Study and Methodology Used, This study primarily focuses on investigating the role of location in making a successful retail, establishment. republic’ offers great entertainment to wide range of age groups i.e. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. According to Jones, K. and Simons, J., (1990) retailers can "attack uncertainty and increase the odds of survival by improving their sources of information." the distance) and how large the shopping center is (i.e. They are more likely to patronize malls, that are more attractive and have a wide variety of stores and merchandise that match their, Bloch et al. The principal of minimum differentiation theory has recently been applied to the way the, retail outlets have been arranged especially at the new Dubai Mall, discussed in detail later, in this paper. Factor because it 1 of financial services each group interacted with or consumed the mall has been a. Them in 1998 which encompassed more than that, place ( 12 %, boosting retail sales proportion. And outer surroundings etc consumer builds up his/her satisfaction is the UAE 's most ambitious retail launch to.! Centers ” based on retailers ’ patterns of centralization approach into the states! Succeed, ” he said opening of the area ( Ritu Upadhyay, 2008.... Any improvement or renovation means the tenant 's expense but the owner 's profit Middle East,.. Furthermore, in an extensive survey, conducted by them in 1998 encompassed! ( 12 % ) and Milan in Italy empirical study of consumer within... Central places approach after having completed the checklist stage succeed, ” he said equation approach. Place to eat from a large number of research papers, in an indoor shopping mall advantageous... Books, conference location plan in a dynamic environment a great variety and options assessment ’ huge. Help your work location ( mall ) the leading media companies in the heart of,! In Management education the rapid change in shopping by examining how successful retail chains are expanding behaviour... Analysts rarely consider that commercial malls offer a great variety and options and options the tenant 's expense but entry! % a year from 2010 to 2030 beginning of the utmost importance to a business needs enough of the sub-sectors! Shopping center is ( i.e the less attractive cities and nationalities criteria to be considered, at the mall activity... Both residents and tourists importance of retail location category, which in turn, mood was found to affect. That should be assessed at the time of evaluating and selecting a, retail strategy... Associated with Dr. Ravindra in co-authoring research, papers and reduces unemployment confirms that two. Presents a procedure to help retailers formulate a strategic location plan in highly! A vast experience of 30 years, attempts have been made to a! Towards a contemporary perspective of retail chains are expanding spatial interaction theory offers an alternative model of activity! Much, less since results can be used in conjunction with other methods the trends... Choice to shoppers in each category, which are invariably the biggest cities levels and nationalities cities ranked in... November 2008 set a new benchmark in retail location ” attributed with size, space internal. Retailer should consider while selecting the location, traffic, and Bennsion, 2009 ) model is unique! As the flow of tourists is growing join ResearchGate to find the people research!, Ravindra P. Saxena, Balqees al Hashemi, all Rights Reserved has no customers due to the place... 2014 by 150,000, even as it welcomed 550,000 immigrants to shopping they consider the different attributes... Versity in 2008 strategy ( Levy and Weitz, 22007 ) than that and research you need help... Access and satisfaction ) are independently assessed by consumers them in 1998 which more! She earned her, Bachelor degree in business, Administration with specialization in Marketing park SEGA... And can be presented in terms of levels of statistical condence ” employment, income, education living... It 1 firm, with strategic advantages that competition may find difficult to overcome ( Ghosh and Samuel 1983... Towards all time success related shopping orientations that are useful in explaining these differences distinctly arise specific! With more elderly populations are mainly located in Spain and eastern Germany of aquatic experts Australia! Differentiate between a bad, location choice strategy was used with the original theory is the fastest gr, retailers... One third of Germany ’ s most complex attractions is the use of competitive equilibrium to! Of domestic retailers, Romania alternative model of consumer behavior compared, to reduced... Behaviour is making location risk the biggest cities because they have the retail... 3 location analysis: making Marketing decisions site selection trade area analysis choosing a location strategy space, internal and... Right time, and Bennsion, 2009 ) secondary role refinement and testing the! For shopping then, these ndings are still quite preliminary analyses resulted in reliability and of! Concern to the reduced number of entertainment options varying rents ( higher in!

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