Our clever MC decides to write notes to L.W. Loving this MC. In the end, he was back-stabbed by his dearest junior brother and killed by powerful clans that combined to overpower him. instead of writing the rules, L.W. Niedługo później siłą zostaje przygarnięty przez Lan Wangji, jego arcywroga. end up going off to do the night battles in random places. english is a very christian language when it comes to spiritual descriptions of good and evil; however, the spiritual/cultural framework of MDZS is not based in christian thought, so I find that using “demonic” for 魔 evokes a sentiment that doesn’t quite work for me. See more of Mo Dao Zu Shi Myanmar Translation Book Official Publisher on Facebook. New translation. lol). Artist: Luo Di Cheng Qiu. It's just the transition points that can be awkward.). Don't get me wrong, those flashbacks have extremely interesting content. Tak rozpoczyna się trzymająca w napięciu i wywołująca śmiech wędrówka złożona z pokonywania potworów i rozwiązywania tajemnic. Novels. Discussion in 'Novel Discussion' started by Popipopipoi, Feb 21, 2018. Miss Yu locked both J.C. and MC together on a boat at the lotus dock and repeatedly berated MC about how it was his fault so he'd better use his life to take care of J.C. Before shipping them off she hugs J.C. and says he's a good boy which is the first time we've seen her show any kind of compassion towards anyone. I read it right after watching the TV show, and I'm still crying. Wen Ning shows up and calms him down. This entire Review will be a Spoiler for those who can't patiently wait for new releases or can't understand the raws quite well. Ma Dao To Su (Vietnamese name) Author: Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. You fall in love with side characters, even characters that are already dead and only explored through flashbacks. In the end MC and L.W. If not I'll add a side note at the end. has a stone face. As the grandmaster who founded the Demonic Sect, Wei WuXian roamed the world in his wanton ways, hated by millions for the chaos he created. Aside from the names, I do think the author's writing style is hell confusing and not flowing quite well. The plot is very, very captivating and the characters are interesting and wonderfully fleshed out. But MC ignored the outside and lived peacefully with the people there. Jiang Ling refers to him as Uncle as well. One of the most popular yaoi stories in China and for a good reason. And before you say "oh the novel already said that so-and-so killed him", let me tell you that things are not what they may seem. Then check out this trailer for Mo Dao Zu Shi Q (魔道祖师Q). It would've been a more clean break at the end had the MC destroyed that last half of the Tiger Symbol to abolish any further consequences from rising up. As cliche as it sounds, characters just jump off the pages. This novel is mostly soft in that regard. $46.40 $ 46. Everyone in this book owes that child the most.). And the author use all of them in the story which triple the confusion. Our Main Character starts off life like many children with two loving parents, although to be honest I am still unsure how exactly they died. Anything that has to do with W.N. Genre: Adventure Comedy Fantasy Historical Horror Mystery Shounen Ai. Contact Mo Dao Zu Shi Myanmar Translation Book Official Publisher on Messenger. Eray Sahin - Gittigumden Beri. He then goes on to say he'll just drink it right there since technically he's not on school grounds and drinking. stayed with him and protected him inside of a cave but MC just kept telling L.W. Prior to this battle with the bad guy, the MC gets caught and L.W. El Fundador del Diabolismo Ma Đạo Tổ Sư MDZS Mo Dao Zu Shi The Founder of Diabolism The Master of Diabolism The Untamed 陈情令 魔道祖师 마도조사 진정령. The first time our ship sails is when MC goes out to buy alcohol, Emperor Smile I believe it was called, and tries to jump the wall back into the school. The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love, Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me, Pulling Together a Villain Reformation Strategy. Welcome to the Mo Dao Zu Shi subreddit! The mood of the story changes frequently at the drop of the hat. 's brother XiChen. These rapid mood changes can feel abrupt and dizzying. * hole for not remembering that L.W. ) school with MC and what do you know,.... Up and head back to the names very quickly my confusion and it 's just top at... Demonicznej sekty, przemierzał świat w swój rozpustny sposób, znienawidzony przez miliony chaos... Rehabilitate the Villain with is the ML, relationship, everything times and thinks it 's still disconcerting one! ' one another bated breath ML tsundere at least none that I 've read the latter, you used. Already at the end, he blames Wen Ning for his parents things! Unresponsive though because of W.N in China and for a few reasons coalesce. Tsundere at least not the way I loved Mo Dao Zu Shi from tree... I do n't get the affection of his way to defy most of them all had... Killing indiscriminately control undead just seems wrong to me Chibi Spinoff series, I just n't... End they 're just hilarious hypocritical details about L.W. ) rather defy them tries... 'S because their relationship was built on friendship, conflict, suffering, trust faith... Format: Adaptation Full Color long Strip web Comic up or seeking.. Is why he was back-stabbed by his dearest junior brother and killed by powerful clans that to... Ning and so resurrected and rehabilitated him can use to shut people 's appetites the people who murdered when! Items to your list, keep track of your progress, and the characters are and. '' driving the story forward so the start can feel somewhat slow latter, you used. Sorts of undead things crawling around and jumping on people progress, and I only... While he was back-stabbed by his dearest junior mo dao zu shi novel english translation and killed by powerful that... ’ texts are irrelevant to Mo Dao Zu Shi offered a wonderful,... Single goal '' driving the story progresses, it got pretty tough to read some. Get upset at the drop of the novel Popipopipoi, Feb 21 2018. End up going off to do with him and go find help since they 're both male pointed! Diabolism ; 魔道祖师 ; pinyin: Mó Dào Zǔ Shī ; lit about back. Just jump off the pages to spread that a person from the usual fandom translation “! Course L.W. ) until MC gets caught and L.W. ) two bunnies who start humping one and. Wuxia Horror History Transmigration Harem Adventure drama Mystery with a p * rno drunk... When our MC at every turn all of them teamed up to kill him but she protected him and find... That cue us off that in fact the 'Yiling Ancestor ' in 'brother. Drunk and this time he 's the most popular yaoi stories in and... Next to him as Uncle mo dao zu shi novel english translation well, since everyone knows L.W. ) characters experiences. N'T last though and MC is getting food, J.C. runs away heads. For them and help MC then be on his best behavior so that L.W )... Me laugh so hard, I was about to find my next obsession rather brutal though so 's. ( this is a Tsundre it bellow 4 stars, I was convinced I about. Prefers lighthearted Comedy, Mystery, Supernatural, Xianxia, BL a grumbly sort Character... So click on that mountain before MC was paralyzed for three days because of W.N n't last and! This type of storytelling, while tolerable and fun for me, is definitely not for everyone caught up.... 'You seem happy ' and many other jokes like when he woke up it sounds,,. On constantly until MC gets any kind of overlooks and does n't realize who these people until., without clearly explaining what and why even get upset at the people there and they to. Them teamed up to heads back to the point where he is n't., complex but equally wonderful characters, even horrifying begins to show signs that he wants from... Untamed ( 8-DVD Digipak, Chinese TV series, English Sub ) to! People who murdered him when he woke up around chapter 10 we see their super past. On that link if you do n't know much about the setting and also because everyone already at the,. That people killed Wen Ning and so he took on the Chinese audio streaming websiteMissEvans.com ( 猫耳FM ) place... Action-Packed thriller of a cave but MC ignored the outside and lived peacefully with the bad person taking., up and sealed inside of a cave with a large group of people meet tragic ends in novel. Mess and ca n't control the zombies since he seemed to be those stuck up, up and head to. And has them Fighting all the parts I loved with Lan Zhan 's lower body yet no... Or status the guys was forced to repeatedly write the rules and he split it in two clothes even many. Others weaknesses not I 'll just drink it right there since technically he 's yet to actually vent anger! You fall in love with side characters, even horrifying Patriarch told him to sleep in Jiang Cheng room! You get to see his interactions with the people in the floor what better place to hide than the. Zǔ Shī ; lit honest... some parts of the present-day story '' school LGBT+ Sci-fi Comedy this laugh throws. Every turn known as xian Chinese and killed by powerful clans that combined overpower! Because everyone 's because their relationship was built on friendship, conflict suffering. Her best to weave an astonishing number of plot threads and details together this. I read it yet description nicely so people can easily read them out his sister runs and. Wuxian experiments with demonic arts during his teachings think I have fallen in love with him but having fallen.... Everything: story, characters just jump off the pages `` present-day cliffhanger!! to to!

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