I also add in some worm castings which you can retrieve from your home vermicomposter. Make sure you add some water to the pellets so that they fall apart before you add them to your mix. The two main nutrients that tomatoes require are phosphorus – which helps make big and beautiful flowers and fruit and calcium which prevents blossom-end rot. Tomatoes are a staple in almost all edible gardens and for good reason. You can also use fish bones, fish guts, and shrimp shells. Tomatoes are exceptionally heavy feeders, meaning they require close attention to quality feeding if you desire a bumper crop. document.write(monthname[d.getMonth()] + " ") Alfalfa meal is a great organic source of nutrients for tomatoes and other garden plants. This condition, marked by a sunken hole on the flower end marks calcium deficiency. You can find epsom salt in your local drugstore, or you can also order it very inexpensively online from Amazon. If you don’t make your own vermicompost, you can purchase some from your local garden center or online – such as from this page on Amazon. You’d be surprised what tomatoes like but to keep things simple here a list of 3 natural ways you can fertilize tomato plants. //

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