It’s the gamut of BCA of BCA question papers. Editors and Word Processors 6. We are listing semester wise subjects in the BCA course. Types of Communication (Written Communication) 4. Business Letters & Reports 5. ANU UG / Degree B.Con (CA) 3rd Semester Office Automation Tools(OAT) Important Questions for all units are now available. MCADD-113. Joined Jan 18, 2015 Messages 369 Reaction score 96 Points 28 Location Kanpur Gender Male . IGNOU BCA 1st Semester Solved Assignment 2016 NOW AVAILABLE HERE AT FREE OF COST 1. Basic Mathematics Click Here Click Here 6. This course/subject is divided into total of 6 units as given below: 1. We have created this website to help others for free. ... Computer Fundamental & Office Automation (CFOA) Download Unit Wise Notes:-Unit I Unit II Unit III Unit IV Unit V Unit VI. BCA is a 3 year degree course related to computer science. So we are going to talk about BCA subjects in the Bachelor of Computer Application course. (Sem. First fit Best fit Worst fit with example | Allocation Algorithm, Clipping - Types of Clipping in Computer Graphics, Optimization Techniques Notes | 100% Easy Notes | ALLBCA, Hard Copy Devices in computer graphics | Technology, Computer Graphics and Multimedia Application | CGMA Notes, Operating System Notes | 100% Easy Short Notes | ALLBCA. There are many subjects in the BCA course. Computer Science CSE IT IEEE final year students. (f) How is cell C7 represented as an absolute address in MS-Excel? I) Examination March April - 2015 Paper - 101 Communication Skills (New Course).pdf 60.0 KB 2015-Feb-26 A-3702 - First Year B.C.A. Describe any five features of paint accessory. Friday, March 20, 2020. Office Management Tools Click Here Click Here 3. I) (CBCS) Examination March April - 2015 Office Automation Tools (New Course).pdf 57.6 KB 2015-Feb-26 A-3703 - First Year B. C. A. After finishing the BCA course, the student has the option to pursue higher education through MCA. BCA 1st Sem Question Paper (2017) OFFICE AUTOMATION TOOLS BCA-0105 TIME-3Hours} Maximum Marks:70 Note :-Part-A is compulsary. i examination march april 2017 105 office automation tools new course.pdf 62.0 kb 2017-feb-06 first year b. c. a. sem. Explain any four features of MS PowerPoint. FEG-02 Foundation course in English -2 DOWNLOAD FEG-02 Solved Assignment 2016 2. (c) List the component of task bar? Computer Fundamental and Office Automation | CFOA Notes. free download project in, java, school management system project in PHP, free download management system project with source code and documentation, information technology BSC IT Show all posts. Principles of Programming Language Click Here Click Here 5. 8. write short note on the following : Computer Organization Click Here Click Here 4. ECO-01 Business Organization DOWNLOAD ECO-01 Solved Assignment 2016 3. What do you understand by Macros in relation to MS Excel. You can make anything learn with easy and fun on ALLBCA The candidates can prepare these questions to get good marks. (b) What do you understand by template? MCADD-117 Software Lab – II (based on paper MCADD-115: Office Automation and Productivity Tools) Teacher: Rajinder Kumar; MCADD-116 Software Lab – I (based on paper MCADD-114: Programming using C) ... BCA+MCA(DD Course)-I (Sem-I) MCADD-117. Admin001 Administrator. we hope you enjoy our website as much as we enjoyed to developing it. Major BCA subjects are Data Structures, C Programming, Data Networks, etc. Free download management system Project report documentation and synopsis for BCA MCA BSc CS B tech CS B.E. It is a degree course offered by many universities and institutes in India. MCADD-111. (c) Discuss both the method of file protection (e) Describe slide transition with example in relation to MS Poewr point. Your email address will not be published. (i) Explain recycle bin. Mar 15, 2018 #1 ; Showing posts with label BCA-Sem-1st. MCADD-116. with this wonderful quote, we are launch to our website for all passionate learners or students. Copyright ©2020–2021 - with All BCA So you can learn and prepare from anywhere, anytime and boost your skill beyonds the limits. BCA is a complete course if you are interested to learn programming, networking, hardware, etc. Staff member. Types of Communication (Oral Communication) 3. Terms of Service The BCA Course syllabus may vary from college to college but the BCA course information mentioned below are covered with respect to the order of teaching in most colleges. Built your Career with top IT companies by choosing dream BCA job in Your email address will not be published. It is considered equivalent to B.Tech/B.E in Computer Science. bca-1-sem-office-automation-paper-6-summer-2018.pdf RTMNU Question Paper with Answer pdf file download RTMNU Nagpur University question paper The Bachelor of Computer Applications course structure is quite similar to the traditional B.Sc. The BCA course details mentioned below will give students domain expertise. Drafting of Business Letters 6. Privacy Policy, Principle of Management Notes | 100% Easy | ALLBCA, Computer Fundamental and Office Automation | CFOA Notes, Programming Principle and Algorithm (PPA), Business Communication Notes | 100% Easy | ALLBCA, Bresenham's Line Algorithm - Advantages, Disadvantages. 6. We made as simple as possible. (a) What is tool bar? Attemt one question each from Part-B,Part-C,Part-D And Part-D. 2018 Usually the format remains similar for several years, however changes in the format takes place on BCA discretion. BCA-S101T Computer Fundamental & Office Automation 3 0 0 3 BCA-S102T Programming Principle & Algorithm 3 0 0 3 BCA-S103 Principle of Management 4 0 0 4 BCA-S104 Business Communication 3 1 0 4 BCA-S105 Mathematics –I 4 0 0 4 BCA-S101P Computer Laboratory and Practical Work of Office Automation 0 0 3 2 BCA-S102P Introduction to Computers 2. bca-1-sem-computer-fundamental-and-office-automation-bca-101n-dec-2019 bca-1-sem-programming-principle-and-algorithm-bca-102n-dec-2019 bca-1-sem-principles-of-management-bca-103n-dec-2019 bca-1-sem-business-communication-bca-104n-dec-2019 bca-1-sem-mathematics-1-bca-105-n-dec-2019 . Spreadsheets and Database packages Now let's expand the above listed units with its syllabus. (a) Pivot tables For download the full DIT books and Notes visit or contact # 0314 9626474. phone: 0945 872029. bca-1-sem-office-automation-paper-6-summer-2018 bca-1-sem-operating-systems-paper-5-summer-2018 bca-1-sem-statistical-methods-paper-3-summer-2018 : 2017 . BCA Full Form is Bachelor of Computer Applications. 9. Get BCA Notes, eBooks Download at BCA First 1st Year Notes, Projects PDF Download This section contains BCA First 1st Year course subjects Free PDF Notes, projects and solved papers for easy access and downloads. Saturday, March 21, 2020. (Sem. Windows Operating Environment 5. Algorithm and Flowcharts 3. (h) Which function key is used to start slide show in Power Point? In 1st Semester there are five subjects, and we provided four subject's Notes(PDF's). Thursday, March 19, 2020. By: Mayank Rana on: March 20, 2020. Discuss in detail SORT and PROMPT commands with examples. (a) Explain wild cart character with example ? ... Mayank Rana on: March 21, 2020. Today we are with our latest article List of BCA Subjects in BCA course. (j) What is the purpose of Theasurus feature? first year b. c. a. sem. Describe any five formating features of MS Word.

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