As strictly terrestrial amphibians, they are very poor swimmers. Common Name: Ornate horned frog, Pacman frog, Pac-man frog, Pac man frog, South American horned frog, Argentine horned frog, ornate Pacman frog, and Argentine wide-mouthed frog, Adult Size: 6 inches long (about as wide as they are long); females are larger than males. Pacman frogs will consume just about any prey they can capture and overpower. This will provide a comfortable place for him to rest while you clean his cage or inspect him, and it will eliminate the need to put your hands directly on him. Advanced keepers may have success with sheet-like substrates, but beginners are wise to avoid doing so until they’ve acquired more experience. They can be cannibalistic, so they should be house separately, even if they appear to be of similar size. These frogs will also switch hiding places from time to time. However, they all engage in similar behavioral patterns, subsist on similar food sources, and require similar husbandry. Pacman frogs are fairly easy to feed since they are not fussy eaters. Of all the frogs available to amphibian enthusiasts, few are as unusual yet endearing as Pacman frogs (Ceratophrys spp.). While Pacman frogs will generally tolerate more moisture than necessary, it is imperative that you keep the habitat clean. Pacman frog care is a very simple and straightforward process. Instead, try to provide your frog with at least one (and preferably two) hiding place and some live or artificial plants. Unlike most other frogs, Pacman frogs have bony, tooth-like projections, which help prevent prey from escaping. Just be sure to select a healthy individual and let your personal aesthetic preferences drive the rest of the selection process. Don’t select a thin or sickly animal with the hopes of nursing it back to health – this rarely works and incentivizes poor retailer practices. This will help ensure your dog remains healthy and well hydrated. If possible, select a solid lid that provides a moderate amount of ventilation holes. You can try placing your frog in a plastic container and then introducing their live food, allowing them to eat without any substrate around which could cause impaction (constipation), which can be a serious problem that requires veterinary treatment. The water dish should also be in a warmer part of the cage so that the water does not get too cold. I am obsessed with reptiles and have been keeping them my entire life. The best way to provide suitably high humidity levels for your pet is by keeping the substrate relatively damp and misting the habitat every day with dechlorinated water or spring water. In fact, if you allow the habitat to dry out, your frog may even begin to estivate (the warm-weather equivalent of hibernation). Argentine Horned Frog. While small Pacman frogs that are eating insects should be fed daily, larger frogs that are fed mice or feeder fish can be fed only every few days. A cage top is recommended to help maintain temperature and humidity but Pacman frogs are not known to be at risk of escaping. Pacman frogs get their common name from the popular PacMan arcade game, because like the animated character, these frogs have a rounded appearance with huge mouths. Pacman frogs do not need a large cage since they are not very active. Pine Tree Veterinary Hospital, 2020. Plastic storage boxes don’t allow you to see your pet very well, but they’re lightweight, affordable and easy to customize. Further, Pacman frogs are often rather pugnacious, and they rarely tolerate much handling. In my experience, crickets work really well as the main diet, making up around 75% of the menu. Pacman frogs are typically very inactive, so they don’t require very large enclosures. Also, be on the lookout for ammonia poisoning. Care Tips: Enclosure: You can house your adult Pacman Frog in a 10 gallon terrarium. Their cannibalistic lifestyle may even continue after they grow legs – a fact that keepers are wise to remember when housing these frogs. Golden pothos plants are the default option for many keepers, but feel free to experiment with other non-toxic, hardy species. Pacman frogs do require relatively warm temperatures, typically in the 75- to 80-degree Fahrenheit range. Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital, Basic Care: Pac-Man Frogs. To ensure that your frog is getting the necessary nutrients, choose crickets that are gut-loaded — that is, fed a commercially available, nutrient-dense diet. As far as the beginning hobbyist is concerned, they can all be treated more-or-less interchangeably. The frogs live in a variety of different habitats across this range, but they exhibit a broad preference for hot, damp grasslands with relatively little tree cover. Pacman frogs need Vitamin D and calcium. Don’t make your Pacman frog swim, as this may cause him to drown. Corkbark and real wood pieces will also make good hiding places, and they will look relatively natural too. Large insects and arachnids likely make up the bulk of their diet, but these frogs will also consume snakes, lizards, rodents and other frogs. However, for people who like their pets to be active or interactive may, the Pacman frog may not be a good match, as it is not the best pet for handling. Continue reading to learn more about the ten most common PacMan frog ailments. Housing the Pacman Frog . It is, however, wise for beginning frog keepers to start with a large juvenile, rather than a newly metamorphosized frog.

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