Report. The peanut butter's kind of throwing me with the egg. 4:43. Peanut Butter & Jelly Deviled Eggs is Your WTF Food of the Day. Buzz60. Peanut butter and jelly deviled eggs sounds gross, right? Oh God why. 0:59. Odd Food Combos People Think Go Together Like Peanut Butter & Jelly. Bacon-Topped Deviled Eggs by Ed Brown. Peanut butter and jelly, butter and toast and eggs and bacon: These food combos were made for each other, so topping deviled eggs with some crunchy bits of bacon is a no-brainer. Ever since this bizarre food combination hit the web, the world has been wondering if they’re as bad as they seem. - I saw a savory peanut butter deviled egg recipe on Allrecipes. You can't do the peanut so you're doing almond butter. - Okay, so maybe this is, we're gonna be pleasantly surprised. I don't know if I've seen peanut butter and eggs before, have you? Nicole and MyRecipes assistant editor Sarra will taste them and find out. Follow. Playing next. With just one day to go before Super Bowl Sunday I wanted to sneak in one last ‘buffalo sauce’ inspired recipe because in my brain ‘buffalo sauce + football’ go together like ‘peanut butter + jelly’. My Recipes. I don't know. 9 months ago | 4 views. Browse more videos.

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