Before that though, enjoy the video! This article will discuss the boxing self-defense techniques and their effectiveness in a street fight. i started using it more often, and it absolutely throws your opinion off. When bad habits sneak into the technique of ducking, the penalty paid can be severe! At full speed, ducking should be performed as quickly as a punch is thrown. Hence, its moves are generally based on instinct/ reflex making it much easier for the practitioner to learn and put to use during an attack. However, getting punched is not fun at all. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. In-fighting advantage. In these cases, it is best to capitalize as an offensive fighter and turn up your own aggression to force a reaction from the other side. This is particularly risky when throwing straight shots by punching down to an opponent’s body rather than ducking means that your hand is away from the guard position for marginally longer than it needs to be. 1. Any views please. Nice video of a basic yet so important skill. Pull glove back to face as fast as possible to reset. Boxers are considered as the best in striking a blow for they have fatal fists compared to other fighters with other styles of fighting. Yet it takes years to master boxing but only months to grasp its fundamentals. Previous post: Left Uppercut at Mid-Range – The Classic Boxer’s Punch! There is a third reason, which relates to ‘feinting’ to draw a reaction from the opponent, and this is dealt with in the article Feinting in Boxing, well worth a … Like Judo is focused on just one thing boxing has … this was a movement i really neglected. Don't miss out this is Hands down one of my favorite video series 150 COMBINATIONS TO THE HEAD ,BODY, BODY HEAD AND CONDITIONING! Start in boxing stance. Boxing consists of four punches---the jab, the cross, the hook, and the uppercut. 1. Thanks Fran, Though it may appear complex, its techniques are designed by its creator, Imi Lichtenfeld, to be simple and easily executed. Good defensive skills are just as important as good attacking skills. The mechanics of ducking punches or ducking for body shots are simple. I mentioned earlier about punching down to the opponent’s body rather than ducking. However, you can really make boxing combinations dynamic by for example i… The boxer has to move his head downwards and sideways away from the opponent’s punch, bending his knees quickly and … Slipping is good, side to side is good, bringing your head into striking range by something hard is bad. im working on ducking and moving in at the moment and have found it to be a very effective way to close the gap quickly and safely the times it has worked well. ! SUPPORT BY GETTING A #BOXINGLIFE SHIRT ! It’s great stuff mate. The Art of Slipping INSIDE Punches. There is of course a very simple reason for the regularity with which boxers use this defence – it works. For this reason… Slip a punch. Boxers generally speaking don’t like to complicate things Dodging Punches. Keep your eyes on opponent (the punches you see don’t hurt you as much). The main goal in any combat sport is not getting hit while you are doing damage to your opponent. Remember that your opponent doesn't care if he uses fists, feet, knees or elbows. All of this is helping my technique. But it is not always the best defensive technique, because the following things happen when you block your opponents punch: This brings us back to our point about the efficiency of the technique. Let your own shots go and then move again as a defense…make sense? When ducking, be it ducking punches or ducking to let loose body shots, it is very important to observe the simple mechanics to avoid introducing the common faults. It is a martial art which holly focuses on hand dexterity. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Defensive boxing tactics. Blocking defense drills (fighter blocks only) Move around each other and the trainer will throw single jabs to the head or body. If you drop vertically you’ll reduce the risk of eating an uppercut (you can never truly rule it out). Thanks Brent. The boxing craze continues to build with new studios like Rumble, Box and Flow, and BoxUnion popping up all over. Boxing is a fun sport when you really get into it. It’s safer to cover yourself, instead of chasing the punch (which still leaves you open). This can either be repeated over and over again, or practitioners can take turns. And there's a reason for it—boxing is a … By incorporating certain drills into your workout’s rotation, you can polish the four basics of boxing defense: moving laterally, backing up, high guard, and slipping. Next post: The Left Hook at Short Range – The Mike Tyson Special! We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. It is this simplicity that makes boxing such a great art or self-defence. The first most obvious reason is as a boxing defense to avoid an opponent’s punches, hence the title ‘ducking punches’. A quick rundown of the 6 boxing defense techniques. Thanks. This bend of the waist results in the upper body moving forward and downward thus restricting the vision; if you can’t see punches coming then you are less likely to avoid them! Firstly, I want to start with my definition of a boxing combination: Boxing Combination (adjective) – A series of boxing skills deployed in quick succession and without a pause and containing at least two punches. Hard to jab off your back. In boxing, in-fighting or fighting from the inside means basically boxing in a … How to Develop Defense in Boxing Method 1 Dropping too low, wasting energy and reducing the likelihood of landing counter punches. The Julio Cesar Chavez article shows it in action. Follow me on Instagram: These cookies do not store any personal information. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. How should I defend against this properly? thanks for the videos Fran, so helpful. Ducking is one of the most simple boxing techniques to learn, and when executed correctly and at the right time opens up many avenues for attack as well reducing the risk of taking head shots. But you can also use footwork to dodge the shot – to move away from it, to slip it … You’re right of course, the simple things win, win win! There’s also the principle that over the long duration bout there’s no need to be ready to punch for every second of every round. Really helpful site! As with all boxing techniques, efficiency is key, and the ducking technique is no different. Have fun with these and start coming up with your own defensive drills. But from those four punches you can develop many dangerous variations.

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