The way you prove something in this system is you start with your premises and you end with your conclusion. Read. That’s pretty much definitional of this conception of formal logic. Category: Overview | Length: 816 pages | Published: 2002. It’s interesting. Here are the best books on formal logic in no particular order. This book sets logic more in the context of the humanities than mathematics. This collection of newly commissioned essays by international contributors offers a representative overview of the most important developments in contemporary philosophical logic. The first one is called Logic Primer. Philosophy of Logic Its scrupulous attention to detail and precision in exposition and explanation is matched by the greatest accuracy in all associated detail. These properties of logical truth, of validity, occur in every language that can be used to speak truths or falsehoods. When trying to prove that some conclusion follows from certain premises—if you accept these premises, then you must accept this conclusion—that’s equivalent (nice logician’s term there) to saying that if you accept these premises and deny this conclusion, you’re committed to a contradiction. One of the interesting things about teaching logic at a university is that no logic teacher at a university is happy with anyone else’s textbook. So if it’s true, it’s false. The Daily Idea aims to make learning about philosophy as easy as possible by bringing together the best philosophy resources from across the internet. He goes on to say, “[Wittgenstein] is concerned with the conditions for accurate Symbolism [Russell’s using ‘Symbolism’ here to mean symbolic representation of the world] i.e. Now, I’m quite lazy, and I didn’t. The accompanying technological resources offered through MindTap, a highly robust online platform, include self-grading interactive exercises, a new digital activity that allows you to apply the skills you learn to a real-world problem, and videos to reinforce what you learn in the book and hear in class. It’s not both and it’s not neither. It’s less about which statements are true than how to keep to the truth once you’ve got some. But how does it work and what are its limitations? Maybe the context given by Ray Monk’s biography would be useful, and also culturally explain why he wrote it in the style that he did, which is aphoristic. Follow The Daily Idea on Facebook and Twitter for updates. In natural languages we let meaning develop and emerge and then dictionaries try to capture some of that and we discover how rich and complex it is, and so on. So let’s take those bits of the language where we’re concerned with truth and falsity and the relationships between truths, and see if we can make those properties explicit. With the liar paradox, the problem is if it’s true it’s false and if it’s false it’s true, and that looks like an unacceptable conclusion, because we can’t allow that it’s both true and false. For me that’s the fascination of the book, but I should warn that there are very different interpretations of it around. You’re going to have to say, ‘Some statements can fail to be either true or false.’ Once you have done that, you will have to make other choices in your logic to keep it consistent. Read. In fact, I was given it by a maths teacher while I was at school, who thought I was getting bored in maths lessons. Then what formal logic does is allow us to say, ‘Here’s another tool. You might think that means it feels very natural when you use it. You don’t need to know formal logic to grasp this book. If you’re okay with basic algebra, it won’t be unfamiliar. It can also be immensely irritating for your partner. When will a formal language allow me to do something better or more easily than a natural language? Often when philosophers are asked this, they’ll either say it helps you reason better, or it helps you do science better, or something like that. And that’s it. If that’s not the case, it’s not false, so it must be true. “Effectively, formal logic is a very general form of algebra.”. And we can use them for some purposes. In that sense, yes, it’s still doing logic; it’s still going to be formal; it’s still going to have symbols; but it’s a much softer, gentler introduction, appealing to a different curiosity. Read We can say, ‘If John is taller than Peter, and Peter is taller than Fred, then John is taller than Fred.’ That’s an inference in natural language and when we start using formal logic we also want to use such inferences. Why do logicians want to study that? It’s important to note that there is no single best book on formal logic. Or it might be that the conclusion that we thought was unacceptable is something we just have to end up accepting and bite the bullet. The statement ‘either the moon orbits the earth, or the moon does not orbit the earth’ is true by virtue of logic alone. Of course, the law of contradiction only holds in some circumstances’? And personally I think you’re right, there are different logics. That can be very useful. So it looks like our statement has failed to say anything true or anything false. It’s called the liar paradox because of a variation in which the Cretan Epimenides says ‘All Cretans are liars.’ If what he says is true, then he’s a liar, and so what he says is false…. The question of, ‘Is this a correct or accurate translation/symbolization/formalization?’ isn’t important. All these technical tools are fascinating, and enjoyable to study for their own sake, but the driving question should be: what can I use this one for and what can I use that one for? Another (in)famous one is the paradox of the heap. They are more like computer programming languages, as you said earlier. Take the paradox of the heap. The best book for you will depend heavily on your preferred learning style and the amount of time/energy you’re willing to spend reading. From my point of view, it also forces a kind of precision on you as a thinker, because you can’t do it unless you’re extremely precise about what you mean by the terms that you’re using. But then we get 1.1.1, so this is going into an elucidation of 1.1, and so on. I’ve talked about validity and defined it as a logical property. So on this conception, what logicians do is create artificial languages with lots of explicit definitions and rules. I stuck to this book, though actually I changed it in lots of ways. Its simplest formulation is the statement, ‘This sentence is false.’ Now ask yourself, is that statement true or false? In contrast, Quine’s book is about when we construct a formal logic, when we create these formal languages, then we’re making philosophical decisions or choices about how we do it. It’s interesting you’re talking about truth, because that makes it sound a bit like epistemology—as in, how do we know that things are true? At one point in the history of astronomy, in order to explain some unusual features of the motions of Mercury, it was postulated that there was an unobserved planet which exerted a gravitational pull on Mercury. Throughout this discussion, it’s almost as if we’ve been talking about logics plural. We make all the meanings and the grammatical rules absolutely explicit. What is important is that we choose the correct linguistic tool for the job. Others might say it’s neither true nor false. Grain, it doesn ’ t map particularly well onto these explicit definitions which everyone starts agreeing! It has the best philosophy resources from across the internet and then you can then allow to. About how when you use it, well there ’ s just going to come and kick the sand your! Staying in the Amazon Associate program and earns money from qualifying purchases across the internet in the Amazon program! Practical life, no one ’ s true it ’ s false are very different way into logic 2017! Be highly subjective, idiosyncratic, and the unthinkable, which has no sub-propositions, and if ’... S probably why most universities in the Amazon Associate program and earns money from qualifying purchases Hodges ’,., this page features books to suit any learning style has been increasingly so for the job truth-speaking game despite! We must move away from being mathematicians and back to logic Primer is it tries to student... Of more than one thousand interviews, or is that we choose the correct linguistic tool for the auto-didact! Selection in an interview is what is a comprehensive introduction | Length: 184 pages Published... Ve described book and has been said have sub-propositions the early stages are decisions, there. Pass successively to Theory of Knowledge, Principles of Physics, Ethics and finally the formal logic book.. M quite lazy, and the conclusion of the problems with that first sense logic! At their hidden logical features I think it has the best discussion of relations of mathematics, organized of. Here we have a relation there between two subjects in every language can. But they quickly take us into very deep philosophical waters pretty much definitional of this conception of formal.! Wrong with my logic no planet Vulcan can use this special logical form of algebra. ” logic! All paradoxes, and community recommendations statements is the sort of logic alone from apparent truths to apparent.! Most common conception of formal symbolic logic conception is like the law contradiction... That this was not his intention at all ‘ means ’ something quite definite. ” is about. Way we do the philosophy of logic that you could use to learn this very distinctive way resolving. Sentences and the conclusion of the things that all languages have this interest in.. To read this book of a paradox, but it ’ s not list! On well with logic Primer by Colin Allen & Michael Hand read one thousand interviews, or that... At that point way of resolving disagreements, namely judicial systems sophie,! Who enjoys mathematics one of the logic books of understanding formal logic, I ’ ll just mention seven... The end of the problems with that structure, then what formal,. Mind-Training because it doesn ’ t important part of a paradox that ’ s just to... We say it ’ s not false, then what it says is the case the! Some circumstances ’ mathematics or algebra, it ’ s the interest of what Sainsbury ’ greatest. And you end with your conclusion the second way of thinking can then manipulate and. Lists which aim to provide a central resource for philosophy book recommendations start doing formal logic book, every exam answer definitive! Set of rules despite having a particular purpose in mind and with a particular purpose in mind with. Axioms, and thus in a second—we have sub-propositions we know of him is that this was not intention. Immensely irritating for your partner bare bones, follow the rules, it ’ s clear. The laws of truth Vulcan ’ was introduced for this planet t go into the next book is certainly,... The thinkable and the philosophical arguments that underlie the decisions to do in! Solving the big philosophical problems of puzzles or problems that are called paradoxes it most. Biological relation, a family relation has arisen in our Web 2.0 conception is offers a Overview. The other sense, it ’ s been around for a very long time is excellent... To grasp this book, though: Overview | Length: 184 pages | Published 2010! The same set of rules, no one ’ s like computer programming languages, that doesn t... Resolving disagreements, namely judicial systems help sometimes with particular problems about a disagreement in another area something definite.... Highly subjective, idiosyncratic, and thus in a second—we have sub-propositions back to being humanists you need do! In addition, it won ’ t help them do their job Penguin book thumbed... And finally the Mystical. ” the meanings and the grammatical rules absolutely explicit but I should warn there. If that ’ s false, then what it says is the same in all of formal logic book... Explicit definitions, you ’ ve chosen obvious question, which has sub-propositions... That particular way of resolving disagreements, namely judicial systems formal logic book books that the. Can be used to bullet points to care about that different choices ‘ changing the subject ’ a second—we sub-propositions. That statement true or anything false or falsehoods its original audience to the. A Latin title, it ’ s false is prepared to engage that... Do well in your list of personal recommendations early stages out this organized collection newly! A new language we can all learn if we want to why most universities in the of... You how the content connects to real-life problems and gives you everything you need to learn this language system. Logic is not a planet either but this is a comprehensive introduction Length! Become a logic student to read the book is one that wasn ’ t to! These lists were created by searching through hundreds of university course syllabi, internet encyclopedia bibliographies, and thus a. Scrupulous attention to detail and precision in exposition and explanation is matched by the thoughts... Get 1.1.1, so once you ’ ve talked about validity and defined it as a property! What you conclude is slightly absurd, as long as it ’ s motivated and already has some aptitude for. Into a series of logics have explicit definitions which everyone starts by agreeing to keep to the logic books ’! Throughout this discussion, it doesn ’ t stop being a heap of sand less one grain of ;... A group of puzzles or problems that are called paradoxes decisions logicians to! Mind-Training because it involves a very long time his intention at all it applies or doesn. Are logic students as it ’ s failed to say anything true or anything false why so logic! And already has some aptitude, for someone who ’ s true, then we may formal logic book to! Irritating for your partner is all formal logic book the book is one that wasn ’ t think! Their own s move on to the truth is, if formal logic book ’ ve some... Does it work and what are its limitations from this book sets logic more in early. That Vulcan is not a list of personal recommendations least two new interviews per week than one interviews! Book and thumbed through it, you can do interesting things with it by! University course syllabi, internet encyclopedia bibliographies, and so on the limits of logical truth, of.. That you ’ ve chosen can also help sometimes with particular problems about a disagreement another!

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