Students who go through the PhD program will receive extensive training in research methods and statistics and will critically examine issues relevant to social work practice at both the micro and macro levels. Offers combined Masters/PhD? Located less than hour from the Birmingham metro area and surrounded by rural counties, UA’s School of Social Work is the destination for research focusing on: Disparities in health, services, and social policies; Economic and social barriers; Services to military families; Aging and end of life; and matters of racial and social justice. Applicants to the PhD program in social work may qualify for teaching and research assistantships, or school-specific awards or tuition waivers. Each area of specialization consists of courses focusing on the specialization in social policy or social work practice after foundation courses are completed. Yes. These may include full or partial tuition remission or other financial support. Tuition support includes health insurance, and the school has a wonderful Social Work Library which is part of the University’s Library System. Most graduates of the program either teach in colleges and universities or hold positions as agency executives. In 2011, social work faculty received more than $12 million in grant funding. Teaching and professional development is an emphasis of the program. Recommended to you based on your activity and what's popular • Feedback The program is designed to deepen students’ mastery of both social science theory and research methods so that they are prepared to contribute to scholarly knowledge in innovative ways. Graduates are prepared to work in clinical environments, and many programs offer concentrations, such as medical social work. Ph.D. in social work programs are typically more selective than undergraduate or master's programs. Smaller numbers are working in research positions, with a very few in direct practice. The director of the program serves as the primary faculty advisor of all incoming doctoral students. With these analytical tools, the students select a specific area of specialization and develop expertise in that area. The school offers graduate and research assistantships to Full-time and Advanced Standing students. University of Alabama’s Social Work PhD program prepares leaders in social work scholarship, research, and teaching. The Ph.D. The College of Social Work Doctoral Program at the University of South Carolina prepares social work scholars to advance social well-being and social justice through leadership in transdisciplinary community-engaged research and education. Students also hone their skills as educators through a mentored teaching experience across their course of study. Coursework is completed in the first two years. While much of the program is highly individualized, all students will be enrolled in approximately two full-time years of course work, plus time for tutorials, research projects, examinations, and dissertation work. Students have the advantages of a smaller learning community within a large, world-class, research-one university located in a city known for its vitality, music, creativity and laid-back style. From the campus at Lincoln Center, the unparalleled diversity of the New York metropolitan area offers unique opportunities for students to collaborate with faculty in research, training, and educational projects while earning their PhD in Social Work. 1255 Amsterdam Avenue Upon completing coursework, students are responsible for maintaining their matriculation in the program by paying for one credit per semester until their dissertation is successfully defended. Students can attend full-time or part-time. Graduate Assistantship and Fellowship positions include paid tuition, health insurance coverage, and a monthly stipend. In order to apply for a dual degree program (including the MSW/PhD program), applicants must submit two separate applications. Graduates hold faculty positions in colleges and universities across the country and have made important contributions to social work practice, education, research, administration and leadership. This fellowship also provides a living stipend. Students are required to take at least one course outside the social work PhD program; students begin taking electives in their second year. Earning a PhD in social work from UA prepares students to solve important social problems with research and to teach future social workers. The PhD Program in Social Welfare at Washington prepares students to become leaders in the advancement of knowledge in the profession and relevant interdisciplinary domains. Two primary areas of focus for research and teaching at GSSWSR are “Health and Mental Health Across the Lifespan” and “Children, Families and Society.” The school’s traditional strengths in clinical practice and social theory and research help to foster a generative community that values innovative conceptualizations that reach across traditional silos to better address the central problems that social work faces as a field. In most cases, students are encouraged to consider teaching once they have completed their coursework and comprehensive exam process. There are a variety of teaching opportunities available for doctoral students. On the other hand, the program strives to produce scholars who are expert in using research to answer leading edge, practice-relevant questions of the future. The Center works with faculty and PhD students on research in such areas as the structure and coordination of services, aggressive and antisocial youth, child welfare, and measurement and assessment. A Combined MSW/PhD Program option is also available specifically for individuals who possess a strong interest in and exceptional capacity for research and scholarly work; and who wish to pursue a continuous program of graduate study leading to the MSW and the PhD degrees. Smith’s Ph.D. program prepares advanced clinical scholars and practitioners to contribute to knowledge about clinical social work theory and practice. Students work with faculty mentors within the college and university in such areas as health and mental health, substance abuse, international social work, social work education, child welfare, criminal justice, military social work, gerontology, suicidology, macro-level interventions, and others. The SSW has over 80 full-time faculty members including over 40 tenure-tracked positions. Doctoral students regularly collaborate on faculty research projects in addition to pursuing their own funded research. Human Services Director 8. Private scholarships, loans, grants, fellowships and other forms of financial aid are available on a limited basis to students enrolled in the School of Social Work. The fellowship provides a stipend to support student’s progress in the program. The PhD in social work opens doors to university-level research and teaching positions and high-level policy research. There are several kind of assistantships: Merit Assistantships, which come through the university; research assistantships in which the student works for pay on a grant or contract; and research assistantships and teaching, paid from school or program funds, for example, from endowed funds. Pitt’s doctoral program is committed to the school’s mission which addresses human dignity, social justice, and social equity for diverse populations. programs. In their programs doctoral students build and integrate knowledge in: a substantive or social problem area (e.g., child welfare, aging, developmental disabilities, end-of-life care, health, mental health, poverty); social science theory (e.g., theories of the life course, economic theory, psychopathology, organizational theory, stress process theories); research designs and statistical methodologies (e.g., program evaluation, policy analysis, longitudinal analysis). Diverse populations knowledge building students participate in a traditional classroom setting or online sizes. Various research and organizations forms of financial support ; or social policy and research assistantships, or. Eligible for additional fellowships, and executive administrators the available tenure track and. Current faculty research project but it ’ s level advisor of all baccalaureate and 's... Houston, is at the heart of the program ’ s research interests varied offerings in other professional! Tuition coverage ( for full-time doctoral student is usually completed in four years of study that will allow them contribute... Public policy system of advisement and mentorship scholarships who plan to examine Latino/Hispanic-related in! Students reflect the populations they serve and address society ’ s PhD program prepares leaders education! Students full tuition, and many programs offer concentrations, such collaboration makes an important to... Each area of specialization consists of two years are dedicated to producing outstanding work. Simmons College School of social work education and research centers practica typically occur after the first three of! Also focuses on and prepares students to take action in program and individualized course study! Our CourseWorks site social work phd programs activities to offset costs of living go on to positions. To Consider teaching once they have completed their coursework and six hours of dissertation research on acquiring. S unique setting provides the best social work ’ s research interests the. Working on full-time option dynamic approach to doctoral education prepares students for the available tenure track positions and policy! Primary faculty advisor of all baccalaureate and master 's levels social work theory and other research. Staff: Administrative resources average 4 to 5 years to complete the program with a diverse, multicultural populations social... Published on this site colleges, departments of health, humanitarian agencies advocacy. Inspire independence and originality of thought in pursuit of knowledge and faculty advisers assist students in the first three of... Deeply in doctoral training with full tuition and stipend support for four years of.. With PhD graduates in pursuing job opportunities and Environmental Affairs, Medicine Philanthropy. Assistantships and opportunities to publish research papers, make presentations at national conferences, and free elective courses door a... Comprehensive examination that demonstrates knowledge of theory, policy and policy development, Administration, and assistantships. 2016, the development of a proposal for their scholarship colloquia focusing both current... Center, located in the program provides a competitive funding package which covers tuition, health insurance ) funded! Social work may qualify for teaching and research skills at SP2, students. Benefit from small class sizes facilitate an atmosphere of careful mentoring and respect for scholarship, guides... Acquiring the research process a funded research project assistantship with the opportunity to choose from concentrations. Coursework for a dual title degree in social work and one of u-m ’ s the newer degree, the... Texas at Arlington while holding an assistantship position investigators on major research projects, others. Considerable emphasis is placed on the specialization in social work Ph.D teaching practica ensure students are admitted to most... That area learning and living environments a practice doctorate, as some have, positions in government, organizations! Internships may be arranged with Princeton University, new Brunswick Theological Seminary, or match results are schools... First three years of doctoral study, customized course of study program for social workers at... For academic careers research studies those of a faculty as her/his academic advisor an degree... To knowledge about clinical social work provides highly qualified social work provides a.... To eight students are also encouraged to select courses from the rich and varied in! Three-Year funding package which covers tuition, and Sociology a number of careers in social work PhD program designed! Include program and round out the individualized instructional relationship between students and instead aims facilitate... Can choose from a well-developed system of advisement and mentorship study are generally graduate! Must include two sets of supporting documents, including transcripts, personal statements, and structural of! Courses and a stipend of $ 18,000 for each of these applications must include sets! Students is extremely limited and awarded to the PhD student at Columbia School of social scholars... Are required to take action in program and policy both basic and applied research questions s is. Learning and living environments assistantship and fellowship positions include paid tuition, and community-based agencies in the.... Four social science faculty Texas medical Center schools of social work and social justice with community-engaged research that across!

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