Kiev was sold to China where it became a hotel, while Minsk will reportedly be part of a theme park. Minsk is an aircraft carrier that served the Soviet Navy, and later the Russian Navy, from 1978 to 1994. 1 History 2 See also 3 References 4 External links Named after the capital city of Belarus, the Minsk was laid down in 1972, launched on 30 September 1975, completed on 27 September 1978, and decommissioned on 30 June 1993. Currently serving as the centerpiece of the Binhai Aircraft Park, the former Soviet Aircraft Carrier formally began her … The government-supported park is built on and around a retired Kiev-class Soviet aircraft carrier, named Kiev (基辅号), which was sold to China in 1996 . The Kiev was a heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser that served the Soviet and Russian navies from 1975 to 1993 before being sold to a Chinese company in 1996 for use in a military theme park. Novorossiysk was broken up at Pohang, South Korea in … In August 2011, the ex-Kiev was developed into a luxury hotel after renovations costing £9.6 million. The luxury hotel is part of Binhai Aircraft (天津滨海航母主题公园), an 80,000-square-meter military theme park opened in 2004 in east Tianjin. See also. The main attraction of the Kiev aircraft carrier has been augmented by a theme park based on all things Russian. The concept was developed by world tourism and attraction consultant Leisure Quest International. The centerpiece of the theme park is the retired Soviet aircraft carrier Kiev, purchased by China in 1996. Much of the aircraft carrier … History. Kiev-class aircraft carrier; List of aircraft carriers The main attraction of the Kiev aircraft carrier has been augmented by a theme park based on all things Russian. The Disney style 'main street' has multi colored dachas, shops selling Russian foodstuffs and - best of all - a booth where you can have your photo taken with a supposedly Russian girl dressed in the style of a Napoleonic soldier. D. Getmanenko/TASS Purchased in 1996 by a Tianjin-based real estate group, the Kiev was towed to China and was given an extensive overhaul to convert her into a luxury military-themed hotel. A Chinese company bought the 275m-long ship named Kiev in 1996, and turned it into the Binhai Theme Park, located near Tianjin, in 2004. Laid down in 1970, the first ship of the class, Kiev, was partially based on a design for a full-deck carrier proposed in Project Orel.Originally the Soviet Navy wanted a supercarrier similar to the American Kitty Hawk-class.However, the smaller Kiev-class design was chosen because it was considered to be more cost effective.. She was the second Kiev-class vessel to be built. In 1996 Kiev was sold to Binhai Aircraft Park, a theme park in Tianjin, China. In 1993, Kiev was sold to China, where it was turned into the Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, and now serves as an amusement park and hotel. The line of multi colored plastic trees skirting the car park are an early hint that this place is 'special'.

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