The SSL 4000 G Series bus compressor has been copied, emulated, reworked, and rehashed by both hardware and software manufacturers for years now. It was a dual-VCA design, intended to subtly squash the full mix, and it became immensely popular, even earning itself a nickname—“The Glue”. There are a world of options but the classics are a good place to start. There are some differences between the hardware and software. Watch how mixing and mastering engineer Yoad Nevo (Sia, Pet Shop Boys, Air) uses the SSL G-Master Buss Compressor plugin at the start of the mastering process to give a song extra “glue” and cohesiveness. SSL Stereo Bus Compressor Module Modeled after the original SSL G-Series console bus compressor, the SSL Stereo Bus Compressor Module is well known for its ability to glue tracks together. My best advice here is to not use the GS Search Function, instead Google Gearslutz and insert SSL G-384 to X-Logic with Alan Smart C1/2 or C1LA then you’re going to find the most salient points in comparisons from 20 years ago until 3 years ago. SSL Master Bus Compressor . It’s also possible that this model has been subject to more clones—both hardware […] Das SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection Plug-In für UAD-Hardware und Apollo – atemberaubend präzise, neu modelliert - liefert den optimalen „Glue“ für deinen Stereo-Bus. Make sure you open a … Sits halfway between between s vintage model and an ssl g-bus. New to Universal Audio‘s growing lineup of compressor emulations is the venerable SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection. It seems every plug-in developer has their own take on the stereo compressor, and I’d bet most readers have at least one in their library. [music + Waves SSL Compressor w/ auto-release] But if money is not an issue, the gold standard for me is a matched pair of RETRO 176 One of the most famous bus compressors of all time, the 4000 G has arguably been put across the stereo bus of more records than any other. [music + Waves SSL G Master Buss Compressor] That would be a pretty safe setting for me, I might even use a slower attack time, let’s try auto-release. Erfahre mehr. In this quick tip, Yoad shows how he likes to set the plugin’s threshold, attack and release parameters to use the compressor effectively while preserving the music’s original dynamics. 5. Different ratio, release, and attack settings and this special fade out feature. The original version of this popular compressor was found strapped across the main stereo output of SSL’s classic 80s-era analog consoles, the 40000G series.

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