Perhaps as an antidote to past season’s maximalism, this season’s simple, pared-back elegance was seen through leading fashion designers who placed an emphasis on timeless style over trends and the individual wearer over the clothing. The overarching theme of the Spring/Summer 2020 runways was a return to basics. The fashion trends for spring summer 2020 already have us excited for the return of warmer weather and longer days. Climate change. Goodbye midi, hello maxi. With the summer of 2020 comes the revival of the long skirt, the wardrobe essential that is usually only worn well in the hot summer months. From sheer layers to low-slung waists & the new trench coat, here's what to look for Our round-up spring/summer 2020 fashion trends fresh from the catwalk. The first battle? Summer 2020 is rolling in hot (literally) and the key fashion trends to look out for are already lining up - we outline the five styles your wardrobe needs right now. Fashion is no longer just about image, but has also become a vehicle for communicating ideas. Using classicism and fantasy, designers are striving to convey a message now more than ever. 2 Shares View On One Page ADVERTISEMENT () Start Slideshow . In this new decade, throwaway trends are becoming increasingly passé, and we are all looking for clothes that will have a lasting impact within a capsule wardrobe. Fashion; Summer; Summer Fashion Trends 2020 The 9 Most Wearable Trends For Summer. … Fashion trends: This long skirt will rule summer 2020. par Eugénie Trochu 5 mai 2020. The spring summer 2020 runways were notably more commercial than usual, with a focus on classic legacy buys rather than whimsical and artistic creations, which could potentially fall into the fad or impractical category. What are the key fashion trends of Spring/Summer 2020? Less Is More. 30 August, 2020 by Hannah Weil McKinley. After a year of fashion ruled predominately by loungewear, you could say we're just a touch excited to spend the impending summer of 2020 sporting the selection of outfits we've been dreaming of wearing all year.

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