This regulator has a … Not to worry, this video will take you through the few simple steps necessary to getting your Weber… Basically you replace the Weber regulator. If that doesn't work, then I guess a new regulator is the next step. If that doesn't work, then test for leaks at the tank, along the hose all the way up to the valve on the grill. Screw the regulator onto the 20Lb gas can, not six feet of hose going from the 20Lb gas can to the regulator. Weber is a company that manufactures both charcoal and gas grills. The photo below shows the inside of a regulator … Buy the parts below for about $23.00 at Home Depot and you will have no more issues with your Weber … But, first I would talk to Weber Customer Service. I think that might still be covered on a 4 year old Q1200… Do you notice that when preheating your gas grill the inside temperature doesn’t reach 500°F to 550°F, but stays around 250°F? Since around 1995, there has been a federally mandated safety device inside of every Weber propane hose/regulator that’s designed to detect gas leaks. You may have inadvertently caused your grill to go into what’s commonly called “bypass” by activating the gas control safety device on the regulator. The gas grills made by Weber feature a gas flow regulator where the propane gas tank attaches to the grill.

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