The Cederberg Mountains are located in West Coat, Western Cape, and South Africa approximately 300 kilometer north of Cape Town which is the capital of the country. Its coordinates are 32°20′S 19°5′E . The name “Cederberg” is named after a tree called Clanwilliam cedar which only grows in that area.

The area of the mountain is 710 square kilometer or 270 square miles. The mountains are composed of several known mountains such as Tafelberg, which means “Table Mountain” in Afrikaans at its peak of 1969 meters and Sneeuberg at its peak of 2026 meters and recorded as the highest mountain of Cederberg.

The mountain has been registered as a world heritage at UNESCO in 2004 but actually the mountain is established in the year 1973. The mountain is included in the Cape Floral Region where the kingdoms of flowers are located.

The animals and the birds that lives in the mountain includes leopards and the African variety of lynx called caracals that generally prey on small animals like rock-hyrax that look like a guinea pig but is quite larger. Small antelopes also live in the mountains namely klipspringer, reedbuck and springbok which are hunted by the leopards. There are also rare mountain zebras, mongooses and Meerkats that lives there who eats scorpions and other small creatures.

Cederberg mountains has 3 seasons which includes summer that starts from November to March, the winter is from June to August and the spring which occurs as early as August till September.

The wonders that you will find in Cederberg include Bushman rock art which is often reddish in color and serves as the evidence of early human civilization, amazing rock formations, hiking and climbing. The landmarks you will find in the mountain range are the Maltese cross, Wolfberg Cracks and Wolfberg arch.