The isolated and narrow valley, Gamkaskluf or Gamkaskloof is located approximately a hundred kilometers from Oudtshoorn is South Africa and is also known by the name “The Hell”. The hidden valley that lies in the Swartberg mountain range is said to have fertile valley runs that is 20 kilometers long and 600 meters wide.

The Kloof or kluf of Gamkaskluf originated its name from the Khoisan word for Lion while Gamka is a name for the river which enters the valley from the north. The isolated and hidden valley has approximately 153 species of birds. Fishes are also found in the waters and some wildlife animals which include Leopards, Porcupines, Rooikat, Klipspringers and many more. The main attractions of the valley is the Gamka River and various recreational facilities like  picnic sites, camping sites, historic houses and buildings, a cemetery, school and an old Norse watermill which is said to have a very mysterious history. The recreational facilities are privately owned by Annetjie Joubert which is the descendant of the Joubert Family.

The valley is said to be discovered by the farmers, the San Bushmen but according to history the first settler to live in the valley is Peter Swanpoel in the year 1830s. The valley is said to have a fertile and abundant soil to farm in that is why the first farmer who discovered the valley live there. In the following years few families also settle in the valley namely Marais, Joubert, Cordier, Nel and Snyman. They lived and farmed in the isolated valley for over 160 years.

The first car was brought to the valley around the year 1958 passing the Gamka River gorge while the road has been started to build by the year of 1962. The last farmer left the valley by 1991 leaving the place with no residents at all.