Lake Bagoria

Lake Bagoria, located at the northern part of the amazing product of the African nature – the Kenyan Rift, just 25 kilometers south of Baringo, is saline water shallow. The Lake Bagoria Game Reserve encompasses the lake and the adjoining areas with a total coverage of around 107 square kilometers. Bagoria is an exclusive place where the splendid sceneries of Africa can be appreciated and enjoyed by a visitor in its full swing.

Lake Bagoria, unlike Baringo is mostly quite off the common itineraries, especially the tourists preferring a stay of more than one week. The main reason for this is that Lake Bagoria is a place which can be visited mainly for the scenic beauty, rather than the animal or bird life which is the main objective for most of the tour lovers. The

Lake Bagoria was described as ‘the most beautiful view in Africa’ by the great English geologist, J.W. Gregory, who visited this lovely place in 1892. One can see a marvelous scenery of hills seeming bluish, densely populated with grasslands, dry bush and the river forests, which frame the great number of flamingos pinned in the calm water shallow. The Lakipia Escarpment which is beyond the eastern lake shore where the land rises up to 600 meters, have many sign posts hinting danger ahead as the Earth may collapse abruptly under your feet, beneath which is boiling water!

Though there is not much of mammal diversity in the Lake Bagoria game reserve, it has turned to a sanctuary now that gives special care and protection to the Majestic Greater Kudu, which has exclusive spiral horns and the body vertically striped in white. It is only in Lake Bagoria and Baringo that these fast running mammals are found in abundance. Other mammals found here include baboon, buffalo, Kirk’s dik dik, Grant’s gazelle and klipspringer. Birdlife is also equally diverse and plentiful in Lake Bagoria with flamingos, lark’s, vultures, bustards and prey birds in which, the fish eagles require special mention as they have learned to target flamingos due to lack of fish in the lake!