Natural Wonders of Africa (NWA) is committed to helping the larger global community discover the natural wonders and nature attractions that make Africa such an amazing destination.

The official wonders of Africa can be found at Seven Wonders and Seven Natural Wonders.  This NWA site explores nature from more of an interest perspective.  The individual references to the nature attractions are purely about the love of nature versus any statistical or historical significance that is traditionally connected to the official wonders of the world.

The mission is to help travelers and the global community discover and explore these amazing features of nature.  The hope is that as you learn more about these attractions of nature, the more you will be committed to a philosophy and practice of conservation and eco-tourism.

As you explore the site, you will discover wonders of nature you may not have heard about, learn more about the significance of each natural wonder, and create a passion for wanting to visit and personal experience your favorite African wonders of nature. Africa is an amazing continent with many wonders of nature. The mission is to promote and protect these wonders of nature.  Some of these wonders of nature are located within national parks. The Global Alliance of National Parks seeks to promote and protect the national parks of Africa.