Southern Africa

East Africa may argue that they are the premier African destination for wildlife and natural wonders, but Southern Africa would say there is no argument.  Kruger National Park, Victoria Falls, Okavango Delta, and the Skeleton Coast leave no room for arguing what area should top the bucket wishlist.

The list of countries is provided alphabetically below with some saying the best might be saved for the last ones.  Take some time and explore the natural wonders of Southern Africa.

Angola Natural Wonders


Although Angola as well known as its neighbors, it still has plenty to explore.

Botswana Natural Wonders


The Okavango Delta is only a taste of the splendor awaiting visitors to the country.

Lesotho Natural Wonders


This country is surrounded by South Africa but it has wonders of nature to engage.

Mozambique Natural Wonders


Mozambique shares a border with South Africa and the wildlife calling both home.

Natural Wonders of Namibia


Possibly the tallest sand dunes in Africa as well as the Skeleton Coast.  Come Explore.

South Africa Natural Wonders

South Africa

Wildlife, wilderness and wonders abound in Africa’s bucket list destination.

Swaziland Natural Wonders


Although a small country, it is packed with nature and wildlife.  Come Explore.


Home to Africa’s Victoria Falls and several other national parks and natural wonders.

Zimbabwe Natural Wonders


Victoria Falls is just a highlight with the Mana Pools and more waiting.