South Africa

Kruger National Park

South Africa is a region in the southern part of Africa and it was divided into nine provinces. It has 2,798 kilometers of coastline on the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, this country is multi-ethnic and has different languages and cultures. In the constitution of South Africa, there are 11 languages that are officially recognized and two of these languages that are commonly used in this country are South African English and Afrikaans, which is a language that is derived primarily from Dutch that is spoken by the greater part of colored and white South Africans.

In addition, South Africa is a nation filled with unbelievable natural wonders, and you will also love to see some of them if you have to visit this country. However, it can be complex sometimes to recognize which ones you must take the time to visit first. After all, South Africa is a huge nation and you will not be able to see them all. Here are a few of the most unbelievable natural wonders of South Africa that can help you decide which ones to visit.

Kruger National Park
Picture of a leopard in a treeKruger is probably the most coveted destination in South Africa and the country’s number one natural attraction.  Visitors travel from around the world to experience the abundance of wildlife, wilderness, and true wonders of nature.  Even the private reserves that neighbor up to Kruger are considered part of the Kruger realm.

Kruger National Park runs along the border of western South Africa and Mozambique.  There is a sister protective park on the other side of the border protecting this spectacular collection of wildlife that does not recognize country boundaries.  Kruger is probably the most renowned national park throughout Africa which is reflective of the wildlife viewing opportunities.  Kruger is also a national park which you may tour through without a guide.

Amphitheater and Tungela Falls
The Amphitheater in the Royal Natal National Park in Kwazulu Natal Province, with more three miles long, is one of the most breathtaking natural tourist attractions in South Africa. With a peak of more than 3,000 meters above sea level, this gigantic sea cliff is 1,220 meters tall alongside with its extent and is a huge view to take a look at. Tugela Falls is one of the most striking features of the Amphitheater. This falls must not be overlooked if you make your trip to this place. This is also the second tallest waterfall around the world, following Angel Falls in Venezuela.

Table Mountain
This is maybe the much easiest of South Africa’s natural wonders to go to because of its site. Soaring over Cape Town, as one of the most well-known tourist spots in the state; if you go to the city then, you will not be capable to overlook this unbelievable spectacle. Of course, Table Mountain is not simply to admire from afar. Instead, if you have more time, you must take a trip on the cable car up to the peak for an incredible sight of the city below.

Vredefort Dome
Vredefort Dome is considered as one of the biggest brunt craters all over the world, and it is also one of the most breathtaking tourist attractions to consider in South Africa. It is situated in Free State Province and has a diameter of between 155 and 186 miles. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vredefort is almost two billion years old.

Augrabies Falls

Photo by Chris Daly

It is situated in Augrabies Falls National Park in South Africa and you can find the waterfall on the Orange River. This waterfall is about 197 feet high.

The locals named it Augrabies which means a place of big noises. The greatest water volume of the falls was logged at 280,000 cubic feet of water per second. This is over three-fold the average rate of seasonal flow for Niagara Falls.

The park is also home to a variety of wildlife species.  Some of the more notable include the south-central black rhino, the African wildcat, and the black-backed jackal.  Other species living in the park include springbok, gemsbok, caracal, bat-eared fox, clawless otter, and many others.

Addo Elephant National Park
Picture of elephants in Addo National ParkAddo Elephant National Park is located about 72 km north of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. The Park covers an area of almost 1480 square kilometers on land, combining an area of 1200 square kilometers of aquatic environment as well.

This is a great escape for nature lovers, particularly for those who love elephants.  How can you not love these gentle giants.