Chobe National Park

Amidst the economic difficulty and the recent civil unrest that Africa has been experiencing, one aspect of their land has not changed. The spectacular behavior of the animals is very much being expressed here such as the Serengeti Migration. Botswana is a country in Africa that is also affected by the negative economy but still is proud of the stunning vastness of their natural wonders.

This place is known for the game reserves that let tourists experience real-life encounters with the animals found in Botswana. Zebras, elephants, gazelles, birds, and some of the cat families including the most popular “king of the jungle” lions are residing in this country as well as the neighboring states that border Botswana.

Kalahari Desert
Kalahari DesertWith little or no rain every year, the Kalahari Desert is home to most of Africa’s animals that have well adapted to this kind of extreme environment. With this type of environment, one can see the interaction of every species in order for them to survive. Most researchers go to this place to study the behavior of animals that they can’t find anywhere else on this planet. How these animals survive in the Kalahari Desert is one of the mysteries and wonders of Botswana. Another amazing feature found in this desert is the famous Bushmen. They are a group of nomadic people that resided in the plains of the Kalahari, and for more than 20,000 years they remain untouched, not knowing that there is a greater and more complicated civilization outside the desert.

Makgadikgadi Pan
One of the largest pans found in this planet, the Makgadikgadi Pan has been undisturbed with just a little involvement of humans because of its harsh environment. This vast pan is once a super lake that has been dried for almost 10,000 years. Although there is less rain recorded every year, the grasslands here attract most grazing animals. Aside from the grasslands, this place is also composed of some vegetation types – riverine woodland, scrubland, and salt pans. A part of the Makgadikgadi pan has already been made into a natural park so that the animals will be protected against gaming or hunting.

Okavango Delta
Okavango DeltaThe largest delta in the world, this Okavango Delta is a place that consists of many channels, lagoons, and lakes that covers a 15,000 square kilometer area. The vast place is home to floras and faunas that depend much on water. It is not only important to the biodiversity in Botswana, but it is also vital to their economy which promotes ecotourism in this spectacular place. The popular activities a tourist can do in the Okavango Delta are fishing, bird watching, game viewing, and photography. If you are in this place, you are sure that the money you spent is worth it all.

Baobab Trees
Contrary to what you have been told about Botswana, this place actually possesses more than 3,000 plants and trees which are economically important for food and industry. But what amazes tourists the most is the existence of this particular tree named the Baobab tree that has a unique form. The weird “upside-down” is a mystery to people visiting there. It is said that these trees were torn by the devil himself and planted it in reverse. That is why the form of the Baobab tree is like having the roots above the surface.