Africa is a continent that is known for its extreme climate and land features such as the deserts. But within this warm country lies the beauty and magnificence of nature. Zimbabwe, in particular, is home to several wonders that are recognized worldwide, and the wildlife in this country is very much untouched. No wonder people from all around the world like to travel in the counties of Africa. This article will take up the most beautiful and wonderful natural wonders found in Zimbabwe.

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Victoria Falls
Probably everyone heard about this amazing waterfall in Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls. The locals term this as Mosi-oa-Tunya meaning the smoke that thunders. It really lives up to its name with the smoke created from the splashing of this one mile wide; and the thunderous sound made by the height that the water would fall which is about 360 feet. The astonishing view that this waterfall possesses made it one of the Seven Wonders of the World. No other falls can beat the width and height that it has. The smoke it produces can be seen many miles away and it is a suitable place for water-loving animals and plants. The waters flowing down the Victoria Falls comes from the Zambezi River. And the name Victoria Falls was coined by Dr. Livingstone, a Scottish explorer.

Victoria Falls is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

Eastern Highlands
Located in the eastern part of Zimbabwe, these highlands constitute a number of mountains and this has been hailed as one of the most wondrous land formations in the continent of Africa. The mountains that are included in the Eastern Highlands are the Nyanga Mountain found in the north, the Chimanimani Mountain just south of these ranges, and the Bvumba Mountain in the middle part of Zimbabwe. This area has been made a tourist spot for climbers and travelers because of the friendly climate that this mountain range provides. Hiking in this cool and wet area is much more different than in any place in Zimbabwe which has a dry and warm condition.

Chilojo Cliffs
These beautiful cliffs are found in the Gonzrezhou National Park, which is the main attraction of this area. The Gonzrezhou National Park is also the last parks that a tourist can enjoy camping safari. The formation of these cliffs is made by a long process of wind and water erosion that usually takes millions of years to be formed. And today, the results are red colored sandstone cliffs that tourists would love to stay with its panoramic view of the Runde River valley.

Balancing Rocks
The balancing rocks are located southwest of Matabeleland, Zimbabwe. Due to the erosion caused by the wind over time, these rocks have been oddly shaped that looks like it is standing on a very edge of another rock. This amazing rock formation is the main highlight in this area and many people both local and foreign had been struck with awe when they come near these mysterious rocks. The balancing rocks are surely a wonder that nature can only make.

Endemic Animals
Africa is termed as the cradle of life, meaning that most of the life forms are created on this continent. And it is true since most animals in this place are mostly the ancestors of the recent creatures that we have such as their big lions to our domestic small cats. But among these are some animals that are endangered because of relentless hunting. The black rhinoceros is the most affected of this reduction of their population. Among all other endangered and endemic animals in Africa, these rhinos have been reduced from 100% down to 5% of their total populations. And now we can see most of them in Zimbabwe, where they already are protecting these endangered animals for the survival of their species and many other species. And because of their endemicity, they are now made a wonder that nature has provided.

Zimbabwe is an amazing country.  Check on the official Seven Wonders of Zimbabwe and make your vote count.