Bazaruto Archipelago

Bazaruto Archipelago, which is one among the chain of five islands – Ben Guerra, Bazaruto, Banque, Maraque and Santa Carolina, along the historical Mozambican channel, is 37 km long and 7 km wide with abounding flora and fauna. The west part of the island is thicket and savannah grassland, whereas the east is full of huge sand dunes which change colour artistically in the various lights of the day.

The entire Bazaruto Archipelago is an important part of a Conservation Project which aims to maintain the ecological balance and social integrity of the Bazaruto National Park. Though this island is not good for shopping with no shops at all, but is sure to take the nature lovers spell-bound with their crystal white beaches which itself is one of the characteristic features of this island. The water sports are so active in the Bazaruto islands with deep sea diving, snorkelling, big game fishing and salt water fishing that it has been elevated to a world class level.

Bazaruto Archipelago has wild orange trees and sisal plants are found in abundance, which the local people use in a manufactured form to repair the fishing nets. The Bazaruto Archipelago was declared a National Park in 1971 and is a favourite habitat for almost 180 bird species, endangered and rare butterflies, freshwater crocodiles and the suni antelopes.  The beaches and the protected reefs help in the secured dwelling of game fish, giant lobster, dolphins and the different species of marine turtle. The Bazaruto Archipelago can be aptly called as a haven to shell collectors having heaps of Pansy shells, significant to these beaches.

Some of the unusual birds found here in the Bazaruto Archipelago islands include green pigeons, olive-bee eaters, paradise fly-catchers, crab plovers and many more. This island is also a nesting ground for the beautiful black-winged flamingos. The sand dunes, fresh water lakes and the wide variety of bird life are sure to attract anybody.