There’s no other name of any country in the world that spurs our wildest imagination for adventure than the great country of Congo. This nation sits right at the very center of Africa and is the continents second largest nation in terms of land area. On the map, it can be traced along the equator thus containing the second largest, most dense tropical rainforest habitat after the Amazon rainforest. Its strategic location has given rise to many different forms of habitats and a complex river system, one of which is the Congo River where it gets its name. With lush jungles and varied terrains, a visit to the impressive country of Congo will give an exploration of a lifetime.

Nyiragongo Volcano
Quite an intense first destination in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Nyiragongo Volcano is notorious for several eruptions that have occurred the last decade. It is located in Virunga National Park on the eastern part of Congo and stands towering over the country. What’s more daunting about this volcano is despite erupting multiple times, it is still considered one of the most active volcanoes in the world and one of the least studied as well. There’s nothing more thrilling than taking a hike into the very summit and revel on the power and majesty of this volcano.

Lake Tanganyika
Recorded as the longest lake in the world, Lake Tanganyika ranks second in both size and depth after Lake Baikal. Because of its immensity, it has been considered as a landlocked sea instead of a lake and contains hundreds of species of cichlid fishes, of which most are native only to the lake. This body of water has become an ideal place to study biodiversity. Alongside being a valuable biological habitat, the peaceful ambiance of Lake Tanganyika has become a destination for tourists. What used to be a German warship has been used to ferry visitors who want to marvel on the grandness of the lake.

Congo River
There’s no better place to go than visit the natural wonder that gives rise to the country’s name. The Congo River reflects the grandeur of this country as the deepest and 2nd largest river on earth. Along this grandeur is its ability to provide hydro-electric power during heavy outpour of rain. With its complex river tributaries, it also passes through the dense Congo rainforest and flows through as waterfall in a series of canyons. Historically, it was said that the river holds many lurking beasts deep in its waters. Catch a glimpse of this great river and you might discover a lot more.

Boyoma Falls
Popularly known as Stanley Falls, the Boyoma Falls is composed of seven cataracts wherein the great Congo River flows through. It is found in north-east of Congo in the province of Orientale and has been become a popular destination, albeit well-hidden, for those who visit the country. If you wish to find the seven waterfalls, you need to hike for about a kilometer or half an hour for every checkpoint cataract. This “treasure hunt” or rather,” waterfall hunt” has become a well-known challenge to adventurous tourists as it gives a sense of fulfillment to those who complete the hunt.

Congo Rainforest
Nothing else completes the picture of a complete Congo adventure than delving to one of the densest jungles in the world, the Congo rainforest. Although it is not advisable to enter the 2nd largest tropical rainforest, it is a natural wonder of Congo. This forest itself holds many endangered, diverse species of both flora and fauna. However, it is unfortunate to note that also suffers exploitation by hunters and illegal loggers. Home to a vast number of wildlife, the Congo forest is a valuable treasure of Congo.