The Arab Republic of Egypt is a northern African country famous for its pyramids and ancient civilization. It is also a prime tourist spot when you want to deal with nature. Egypt though underwent political problems in the recent years, still manages to provide tourist an enjoyable stay by showcasing its wonders like rivers, valleys, and oases. Getting to Egypt is easy because airline companies provide routes to the country. The ancient civilizations in Egypt are to be noted, as it shows how the human has evolved and developed in response to the changing trends of the world. Gear up for this trip to the north of Africa!  Discover, explore and vote on the official Seven Wonders of Egypt here.

Nile River
Perhaps you may have heard of the Nile River in movies and even in geometry. The Nile River played an important role in civilization because most of the civilizations before were established along rivers, also called riverine civilizations. It stretched up to 4,130 miles which makes it the longest river in the world! Along the Nile River are villages who manage to live by utilizing the resources of the river like fishes and available livestock. There have been trips that covered the total length of the Nile River, but for tourists, there are also river tour packages for you. The best way to enjoy the Nile River is taking a camera with you and appreciate its biodiversity.

Sahara Desert
Thought this desert is shared by other countries, much of it has been attributed to Egypt. Ancient stories about the Sahara Desert involved merchants who travel a long way to sell products and tribes who frequently transfer to different places after consuming the resources they have in their previous lands. Much has been told about the Sahara, but one this is for sure, it’s really a desert where you pushed to the extremes. The climate itself is a challenge, where it is very hot during the day and it can be extremely cold at night. The place is good for desert photographs and landscape views.

Siwa Oasis
Located just 50 kilometers away from the Libyan border is this oasis where apart from the desert features of the majority of Egypt, vegetation is available here. It is a lot greener compared to other areas and agricultural products like palm and olives can be found. In Siwa, you can find the so-called “Cleopatra’s bath” a very old natural spring. If you are up for a full relaxation, it is advised that you visit Fatnas Island, an island rich in palm trees and perfect landscape plus springs that will cool you off. The Siwa oasis is undoubtedly one of the places you must visit when in Egypt.

Marsa Alam
For the beach bums out there, Marsa Alam will satisfy you! This white beach complex is perfect for those who want to enjoy the sun and take a quick dip. Located in the western shore of the Red Sea, Marsa Alam has resorts that can cater your overnight plans. This is place is suited for families who want to take a break. The place is just lovely, with its shore lined with palms, paradise is easily held in one’s hand. If you plan to come to Marsa Alam, better to bring with you your sunglasses and sunscreen protection, to avoid sunburns and sun glares.

Valley of Kings
Built upon sandwiches of limestone and sedimentary rocks, just at the west bank of the Nile River and opposite of Thebes, the Valley of Kings is a perfect destination for scenic views and ancient landscapes. Rich in history, this valley makes you appreciate how nature crafted such a beauty. A trip to the valley can be done together with the Nile River journey. Inside the valley are tombs of kings, but visitation is strictly regulated as of the moment. This is no reason for you not to enjoy the valley because there are a lot of other things that you can do like picnics and photography.

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