Langebaan is a lagoon located in Western Cape of Southern Africa. It is a little over 100 km north of Cape Town on the West coast off R27 near the town of Langebaan.

The lagoon town is rich in historical events. The first inhabitants are the Khoikhoi and San before the arrival of the European quest of Vasco de Gama. During the WWII, Langebaan was made the terminal for Catalina Flying boats for the long journeys. Since then, the town had gradually made quiet developments and turned into a beautiful retirement destination. Long before, the biggest whaling station kept the town busy and not as peaceful. Today, a 360 turn happened to the city which makes it a seasonal holiday town.

Langebaan town has many attractive places to go like parks board, country clubs and a line of holiday facilities. It is still like before a perfect place for water sports and fishing enthusiasts. The magnificent view in the Langebaan lagoon is yet to be discovered by the travelers and tourists. Unlike any other lagoons, the water in Langebaan lagoon is purely salt water.

Today, Langebaan town has flaunted the many improvements of the place over the years. There are so many things to do and see. Bird-watching to over 300 species of birds in the west Coast National park over the lagoon is so much fun. The park also blooms wild flowers during the spring season. Whale watching is exciting on October and November.

There are white sand beaches around the salt waters of the lagoon and is made the main attractions of the town. People will fall in love with the mild climate of Langebaan as they can do sailing, fishing and kayaking.

To protect the wildlife and the nature’s beauty, the town does not allow industries.  Along with the beautiful places end exciting things to do in Langebaan, there are numerous festivities, exhibitions and sporting events that happen annually.