Natural Wonders of Madagascar

The Earth’s biodiversity is a key factor in the balance of nature. The whole concept of different species formation is best understood in island settings, and no place on Earth is as biodiversity-rich as Madagascar. The island country is located in the Indian Ocean and is the home of over 10,000 species of plants of which 90% are endemic.  The natural wonders of Madagascar are diverse and abundant.

A trip to this African wild haven will satisfy tourists who enjoy the gifts of flora and fauna plus the white beaches that are perfect for a week-long holiday. Madagascar is not only about animals, plants, and biodiversity; it is an icon of the beauty of nature. Get ready for this trip to safari!

Andringitra National Park

Established in 1999, the Andringitra National Park is dubbed to be one of the most biodiversity-rich areas in Madagascar. It is the home of 100 different species of birds that would amaze you because of their color and will make you realize the innate aesthetic value of the island. T

he Imarivolanitra peak which stands at 2,658 meters is a popular fixture in the park. The park is perfect for your binoculars and telephoto lenses for your sightseeing and photo escapades. Nothing else beats the bountifulness of nature, capsulated for you to enjoy your Madagascar trip.

Tsingy de Bemaraha

Another national reserved park located on the west coast of Madagascar, the Tsingy de Bemaraha is popular for its picturesque karst limestone formation, which is known as “Tsingy” the reason for the site’s name.  This natural wonder of Madagascar competed as one of the natural wonders of Africa and represents the country well.

You can see preserved mangrove forests in the park and its beauty is added with the different species of lemurs and wild birds that complete an African safari like no other. Reaching the park is easy as a road from Morondova is drivable, only 150 kilometers away. Like any other nature trip, this place is perfect for landscape photos and picnics.

Ranomafana Park

Just when the golden lemur was discovered in 1986 nowhere else than in this park, protection and preservation have been undergoing since 1991. Madagascar has a strict policy in enforcing the law for nature protection, but this is no reason for you not to enjoy it anymore. Located in the province of Fianarantsoa, it park covers 43,549 hectares of green and rich forests. The climate is perfect as it is quite blessed with enough water to support the life forms present, which is key for biodiversity. Aside from the animals, you can enjoy its streams and rivers, plus small waterfalls along the sides. A trek in this park is a perfect nature getaway.

Lake Alaotra

This is the biggest lake in Madagascar and has very rich vegetation which in turn supports the life of endemic species that this lake covers. The wetland alone covers 7,200 square kilometers and is the habitat of increasingly endangered wild birds. Lake Alaotra may not be as attractive as compared to other lakes, but it is truly rich in terms of biodiversity. On quick dip in the lake is doable, but you have to take local advice from villagers regarding the terrain of the wetlands and where to swim.


Make way for this paradise located on Madagascar’s northwest coast. Tsarabanjina will really be the best place for beach lovers. The fine white sand is perfect for relaxation and so is the cool water. There are hotels in Tsarabanjina with Wi-Fi internet access and air-conditioned rooms. Getting there means you have to take a short boat trip but rest assured that it is going to be a very good time for you to relax. The climate is perfect and so as the accommodation. Bring with you your glasses and sun-block lotions and enjoy the view of the beach, like no other.