Natural Wonders of Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is located in the Northern part of the African Continent which is ruled by its king and is predominantly occupied by Muslims. The country is famous for its wine because the land is primed for growing grapes.  However, the natural wonders of Morocco extend well beyond the vineyards.

Morocco is a more developed country compared to other African nations. When in Morocco, you definitely must dine in one of its popular restaurants and try their famous cuisines as you get along with Morocco’s friendly locals. In this section, you shall explore and be guided on your next Moroccan journey as we open the gates of the country’s natural wonders.  Enjoy the culture of the country, but don’t forget about Morocco’s natural attractions.  Here is a quick view into the some of the more popular options:

Bay of Tangier

The Bay of Tangier is close to the city and an easy place to escape for relaxation and comfort. Tangier is a city located in the northern part of Morocco which faces the Mediterranean Sea. The blue skies during the day bring about the wonders of nature and the red skies during sunset are a confirmation of the innate beauty of Morocco.

Always bring with you your camera as you enjoy the breathtaking views of the Bay of Tangier, you’ll never know when your perfect photo is unless you try taking one.

Todra Gorge

Have you ever tried being enclosed in high walls? If you want to be thrilled and if you want to experience one, you have to visit the Todra Gorge when you are in Morocco to complete your Moroccan getaway. Though it is located in the remote parts of eastern Morocco, still you can reach it by road, but do not worry, as you travel along, the views are spectacular.

The last 600 meters of the Todra Gorge compare a lot to the canyon narrows of Utah. For those who seek adventure, the Todra Gorge is perfect for you.  For those who love the wilds of Utah, this natural wonder of Morocco will not disappoint.

High Atlas

Just like dark chocolates topped with white cream, the High Atlas is a place like no other. Rich in biodiversity and home to different species of birds, it is perfect for those who want to try a Moroccan expedition of high. The High Atlas is ideal for family camps and trekking, you just have to arrange your accommodations.

The scenic views of the canyons in the High Atlas are one of the best subjects for landscape shots. So when in Morocco, do not forget to bring with you some trekking stuff and take on the High Atlas challenge.

Essaouira Beaches

Essaouira is a western Moroccan city and is an economic powerhouse of the country. But life in the city is never boring because of the beaches it has. The fine white sand makes Essaouira Beach one of the top Moroccan destinations, which seemingly brings one closer to paradise. The beach is a long stretch and the water is very blue and truly inviting.

Diving into its beaches is an ideal activity but always bring with you your sun protection lotion if you do not want to get burned. The beach sunset is perfect for photographs, too.

Lake Tiguelmamine

Deep blue waters, rocks, and a few green trees, this is what Lake Tiguelmamine looks like. Located above the Moyen Atlas and rising about 1,630 meters, the lake is relatively small, but the place is nice for camping and picnics with your family. On this Moroccan Natural wonder, one can fully enjoy relaxation at Tiguelmamine if you bring with you your fishing rods and small boats. A tour around the small lake could also be a romantic place for couples who want to get away from the busy metro life. So as you visit Morocco, make sure that Lake Tiguelmamine is on your list!


It is not hard to see why Morocco is a coveted destination in North Africa.  The country is rich in both culture and natural attractions that meet the intrigue of travelers.  The natural wonders of Morocco are diverse and abundant and worthy of exploration.  Pack your bags and answer the call to come to explore this small but wealthy nation.

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