Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls, a waterfall in the river Nile, is popularly known by yet another name, the Kabarega Falls. In Uganda’s northwest region, the rapid flow of Nile River is forcefully interrupted by a narrow and fissure, forcing this mighty river through a mere 7 meter wide gap. In this point, where the power of the furious river is demonstrated, the water explodes into the ‘Boiling Pot’ which is named so deservedly. Then, from the height of its anger, the water roars through another small gap to gush out into a 37 feet wide thunderous torrent.

The Murchison Falls, which is impressive for its enormous power rather than the size, is a spectacular and mind blowing sight. The parks adjoining the Murchison Falls has diversity of habitat when compared to the mere frothing river. During the cruel and harsh rule of Idi Amin for about 15 years in the 1970’s, the wildlife of the country was totally wiped out by the soldiers, hunting the animals for target practice. Now, after almost 4 decades of peace in Uganda, the region is improving with quite a good number of wildlife in the adjoining National Parks and forests, which are really worth seeing.

After the roaring Murchison Falls, the Nile river calms abruptly to a gentile flow; this happily welcomes the splendid array of animals and birds to its banks. The river is full of stunningly large crocodiles, casually enjoying sunbath on the adjoining rocks, displaying their 15 feet long giant bodies. Also seen are the hippos and buffaloes, carefully defending their territory. Huge herds of more than 100 elephants are seen cooling themselves and grazing silently.

Other animals seen in the nearby parks of Murchison Falls include oribi, giraffe, water buck, Uganda cob and hartebeest. If you go on a boat excursion in the Nile River here, you are sure to get confused as to where to look because the different species of tiny, medium and large birds are a spectacular sight. The angry River Nile, which is bound to flow so narrowly, is ready to embrace the nature, once it is given its full freedom!