Oribi Gorge

Oribi Gorge, which is simply breath-taking, can be described as an African Grand Canyon, situated just 25 minutes drive from the Port Shepstone. It is situated along the spectacular ravine, which is forest cloaked and near to Mzimkulwana River, that flows about 120 km south of Durban.

Of the two gorges that cut through the Oribi Flat sugarcane farmlands, the Oribi Gorge is the eastern one, located in the southern part of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. The bases of both gorges have huge rocks that are over 1000 million years old, whereas the cliffs were formed by the continuous deposition of sandstone for about 365 million years. There is a vast mine which produces cement situated below the gorges.

The adjoining Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve is a spectacular scenic area, can be most aptly called a Photographer’s Paradise with a mixed inclusion of rivers, forests, ravines and rapids. The area owns the credit of having cliffs, wonderful hiking trails and many picnic sites as well. A charming array of wildlife and bird life with floral beds studded in between have made the Oribi Gorge, a favorite site seeing spot for the nature lovers.

The Oribi Gorge is named after a variety of antelope species called Oribi, though they are rarely seen nowadays. Leopards, various small antelopes, troops of baboons and many others along with the five different species of kingfisher and the seven kinds of eagle species have taken the Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve as their habitat. The Oribi Gorge can also be termed scary for the reason that the world’s highest swing is located in this place of South Africa. The jump which takes one off a 33-story waterfall and lasts for only a few seconds is undoubtedly breath-taking. This characteristic feature, not found elsewhere, might have made the Oribi Gorges, a mind-blowing one!