Pilanesberg Game Reserve

The Pilanesberg Game Reserve was first founded in the year 1974 under the Operation Genesis. It is situated in South Africa and is frequented by people on safari holidays.  Currently it serves as a home to various bird species and more than 10,000 of game heads. It is strategically located in a big region, which is ample for the astonishing viewing of the bushveld and thornveld species. It stretches further outside to the rich and indulgent Sun City. Beyond the urban fringe outside the city, there is a wide array of hotels, gaming rooms, theaters, restaurants, bars, shopping centers, and discos.

Pilanesberg Game Reserve spreads out at about 572 square miles. It lies among four ancient, concentric, and dormant volcanoes, which gives guests a splendid game viewing experience. It allows travelers who are on safari holidays to go on game drives and conducted tours and walks with guides. An added feature that tourists can do is to take a trip on a hot-air balloon and marvel at the magnificent view.

A lot of people come to Pilanesberg Game Reserve for the wildlife. Birding is a casual activity for people who are on a safari holiday and while at the site, one should not miss going to the Aviary located at the Manyane Gate. One could also search for the celebrated pin-tailed wydahs, secretary birds, golden bishops, and the masked weavers. The presence of the Kori bustard, which is the heaviest flying bird, should also not be ignored.

If you desire to see small and big game animals at a close distance, you can patiently sit at a hideout located in Mankwe Dam so that you can witness hippos as they carry on with all the other water-loving animals like waterbucks and different kinds of waterbirds including the renowned African fish eagle.