Located near south of the Equator, Uganda is a place blessed with rich floras and faunas, along with its rich land. Even though their economy is not that developed, Rwanda is doing their best to promote their Eco-tourism, which is rich in their land. Wildlife, mountains and lakes are among the features that this country is proud to share with every tourist that comes to this lovely land.

Akagera Game Park
Wonderful scenery with its cultivated hills which is common in Uganda, the Akagera Game Park is filled with wildlife such the big five – buffaloes, elephants, lions, leopards and the rhinoceros. These and many more animals living in these cold hills with some rivers are interacting with one another that give us the scene of what wildlife really is. It is undeniable that animals and plants thrive in this place without any disturbance in the area. Bird watching is also a popular activity done by the tourists here.

Lake Kivu
One of the members of the African Great Lakes, the Lake Kivu has a total surface area of 2,700 square kilometers. About 60 percent of the lake is considered to be in the territories of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and they share the resources that are found in this vast lake. Lake Kivu is also a place suitable for animals and plants. But beware when you venture the waters of this lake, a saying is often told to tourists that “never insult the crocodiles until you’ve crossed the river” because in fact, the lake is also place for these large reptiles.

Nyungwe Forest
Southeast of Rwanda, you can find the largest patch of montain forest in Central Africa, the Nyungwe Forest. Geologists record the time of this forest to date back from the last ice age. Tourists can take a walk with the trail that is made, and watching the diverse flora and fauna there is an experience every people should have. 13 kinds of apes are found here such as the chimpanzees. The bird species is also rich in this forest, having an estimate of 300 species. The southeast part of this forest is covered with bamboo.

Volcanoes National Park
Virunga is found in the central part of Africa. And in the highest part of the area one can find the Volcanoes National Park, in which the spectacular mountain ranges and six volcanoes are lying. Tourists will never get tired walking here because of the coldness of the area and even more, these mountains are home to animals that are not found in the lower areas of Africa such as the mountain gorillas. The abundance of its vegetation makes it a perfect home to various animals including the rare golden monkeys which are now one of the endangered species in the world. Your vacation will never be the same when you step foot in Rwanda’s best places such as this Natural Park in Virunga.

Rare Golden Monkeys
One of the animals in Africa that is now considered critically endangered is the Golden Monkeys. It can only be found in the Virunga Volcanoes with their little population surviving there. This monkey is endemic to the Albertine Rift and because of excessive hunting, they became very close to extinction. Today, people may only watch them from afar and hunting them is strictly illegal, in order to conserve this species and increase their number. Golden monkeys are very beautiful because of their color and their size, and they are believed to be a member of the Old World Monkeys that in the ancestors of our recent monkeys today. Watching these monkeys lets one see the evolution that nature made in a long process of time.