This very small country, having more than a hundred islands that are on the eastern part of mainland Africa, is a top tourist destination in the continent. Although the areas of these islands are just small, but the government has developed each into tourist destinations with its natural white sand beaches and amazing wildlife including the plants in the area. Even Hollywood actors and actresses are claimed to have an estate here in Seychelles. Why not? This is one of the best places that one can take a break from and have a worthy rest from everyday work. Seychelles is an island that is only occupied with no less than 90,000 people, is the country in Africa’s with the smallest population.

Atoll of Aldarba
The atoll of Aldarba is found in the most isolated place on Seychelles, and is the world’s second largest raised coral atoll. And because the Atoll of Aldarba is far from the reach of people’s hands, it is naturally protected and the floras and faunas in the area are peacefully living. Giant tortoises that are believed to be living in the islands of Galapagos are common in the atoll of Aldarba, reaching almost 100,000 of them; along with 400 other endemic plants and animals. The cool air and clean waters of Seychelles makes it one of the best diving and swimming spots for tourists and locals alike.

Bird Island
In the northern part of Mahé, in Seychelles, one can find the Bird Island. It is named so because this place is home to millions of Sooty Terns and 20 more species of birds that nests and mates in the area for the whole year round, making it a natural ornithological haven. The land is composed mainly of tropical vegetation that covers 70 hectares of the Seychelles Archipelago. The most wonderful part on this island is that tourists are provided with cottages and rooms for relaxation and protection of the items are always safe, since it is an island with only one way to go in or out.

Seychelles Beach
If you are wondering which beach is referred in this article, well it simply is ALL the beaches in Seychelles. If you are living in this country and lives near a beach, then you will never ask for more. The white sand beaches that are naturally made and the clear waters that you can even see the fishes around you when you are swimming in these waters are the reasons why tourists flock in the archipelago. And what’s more is that the government in Seychelles is making tourism as their primary source of income, so further developments in these beaches are being made to give the visitors the experience they would not
Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve
A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Nature Reserve in the island of Praslin in Seychelles, has an area of almost 20 hectares of forests made of palm that has the only species of palm tree that has the biggest seed. The wildlife of the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve is also one of the richest in the world. Some even say that this place and the neighboring islands are the paradise in Africa. Visitors are given guided walks around the reserve to have a close up view of the nature in Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve.

La Digue
This beautiful tropical island, a little distant in the east of Praslin, and is the fourth largest inhabited island in the country of Seychelles. Just like many other island in this country, La Digue offers natural wonders such as white sand beaches, a tropical swamp; and wildlife like no other. The Eagle’s Nest Mountain is also a hot spot for tourism in La Digue. Tourists can enjoy their vacation here without any hassle. To get here, one must ride on a boat from Praslin because it is inaccessible by plane.