Swartberg is mountain range located at Western Cape Province in South Africa. It extends east to west for 240 kilometers and separates the Little Karoo Valley from Great Karoo Semi-Desert. The highest elevations range from 1650 and 2300 meters. Swartberg Mountains is the tallest range of mountains in the Western Cape Province. It is also the longest range that stretches from Laingsburg in the west extending to Willowmore and Uniondale in the east.

The Swartberg is composed of two mountain ranges, the Smaller Mountains and the Greater Swartberg Mountains. The Smaller Swartberg mountains located on the western side is the higher one. The highest peak, Seweweekspoortiek or the Seven Weeks Gorge Peak which is 2325 meters high is found on the Smaller Swartberg Mountains. The Greater Swartberg is on the eastern side. Ironically, the Greater Swartberg is slightly lower in elevation the latter at 2135 meters as the highest point. The two ranges are separated by the Gourits River that cuts a gorge directly through the range. The two mountain ranges of Swartberg are home to the Cango caves, the most famous subterranean system in South Africa.

Swartberg’s beauty is hidden away in the country’s part where visitors hanker as a getaway experience. It is perfect for a planned vacation or weekend experience. There are green farms that hid in the shadows of the mountain ranges and high mountain peaks like Mt. MacDonald and St Bernard’s peak where the most amazing mountain formations can be sighted. These views are virgin from business developments and man’s interest to interfere with nature’s wonders. There are rivers that run through the mountains perfect for those who wish t go fishing. For those who are up to hiking, Swartberg is your hiking paradise. The beautiful landscape is filled with incredible landmarks that make your hike an epic experience. There are also baboons and some species of antelope living within the mountain ranges. There are also chances to spot leopards and caracal.